Spain (present-day Mexico), in , Gaspar Yanga led the escape of his fellow slaves into nearby mountains. There they lived for nearly 40 years, arming and. The heritage of Africans in Mexico after Christopher Columbus is a rarely explored topic in the history books of the Americas. Gaspar Yanga is one of the. Not keeping up with technology is an excellent path to becoming a slave. Happens to the best of humans. It happened to Gaspar Yanga, and.

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They are fighting for their civil rights as Afro-Mexicans. I enjoyed your information on Gaspar Yanga. W Bill Smith August 13, at 2: They remained there virtually unmolested by Spanish authorities gas;ar nearly 40 years.

Taking the role of spiritual and military leader, he structured the agricultural community in an ordered capacity, allowing its growth and occupation of various locations. Decades passed, Royal Road travelers were robbed.

Gaspar Yanga —often simply Yanga or Nyanga May 14, – [1] was an African known for being the leader of a maroon colony of slaves in the highlands near VeracruzMexico then New Spain during gaspad early period of Spanish colonial rule. I also have black relatives in the village of Mandinga which is in the same region. These colonies were called maroon because they were made up of African runaways who escaped from slavery in the Americas and formed independent settlements or joined with the indigenous people.


The first small African palenque was formed thereafter.

Never miss a story from Timelinewhen you sign up for Medium. Some years later, the Spanish agreed to a truce. Ina settlement was signed and agreed upon by both sides. The influential Riva Ynaga was also a novelist, short story writer, military general, and mayor of Mexico City. They had been after the African for decades, but never in such numbers.

Gaspar Yanga: The slave from Gabon who dared to revolt in Mexico and won – Face2Face Africa

Sincethe Mexican town has bore the name of its liberator Gaspar Yanga. Kenya Waller November 6, at 8: I had heard stories about Yanga, but the information you provided was much more informative. The inspirational music powerhouse who beat the odds and forever reigns as Rock and Roll Queen.

Inthe colonial government of what we now call Mexico took action. The maroons continued their raids on Spanish settlements. The palenque countered with technologically evolving, gun-wielding fighters, and others armed with machetes, rocks, and other crude ywnga.

Yanga and his people built a small marooned colony. I have somewhat a similar blog focusing specifically on Afro-Latinos. I really enjoyed this blog.

Much of the subsequent writing about Yanga was influenced by the works of Riva Palacio. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. El Yanga and Faspar Yanga.

Gaspar Yanga – Africa Access

Sign in Get started. After years of negotiations, inthe gasoar of San Lorenzo de Los Negros was officially recognized by Spanish authorities as a free black settlement. During these times of desperation, a particular individual stood out as one of the most important founders of one of the very first fights for the abolition of gapsar ever recorded but unfortunately forgotten —GASPAR YANGA.


The battle came to a head at the Rio Blanco and resulted in major losses on both sides. He attempted to negotiate with the Spaniards by using a captured Spanish soldier as barter and presenting an offer of cohabitating in a peaceful state with the Spanish.

Gaspar Yanga

BHH August 14, at 5: Retrieved 25 October Yanga was one of the many enslaved people brought over from West Africa and haspar to work in the Spanish sugar plantations in New Spain Mexico. These people also defeated yamga French in what is known today as Cinco de Mayo.

Curtis February 29, at 3: Mexican soldiers Rebel slaves Mexican slaves Maroons people. Didn’t know that there were blacks who look like me in Mexico which I am African American.

InSpanish authorities sent a well-armed militia to defeat Yanga and his palenque but were defeated. Yanga’s terms were agreed to, with the additional provisos that only Franciscan priests would tend to the people, and that Yanga’s family would be granted the right of rule.