Param Poojya Golwalkar Guruji a true patriot (Rashtra Bhakt). Posts about Guruji Golwalkar written by arisebharat.

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Shri Guruji deputed the then Baudhika Pramukh Eknathji Ranade exclusively to look after this project. But even in this state of failing health, he spoke for 40 minutes. His Vision and Mission Drishti and Darshan golwaklar book which provides a deep insight as well and is shorter.

So it is again the course and force of history, which have established the truth of views of Guruji on Hindu cultural nationalism represented by Hindutva. In those times, there was no source of protection for the Hindus except gurjji Swayamsevaks. Let us, decide to tread that path, concentrating our attention and strength on reaching the final goal of victory over all the forces of evil. The fundamentalism project, after studying the features of the monotheistic faiths and their conflict within and with secularism, had to distinguish Hinduism from them, which Guruji had done decades earlier.

A Pretext for Ban 30th January, proved to be a black day for Bharat. By the end ofgolwaokar started feeling seriously unwell. Travelling ceaselessly all over the country, he gave a powerful impetus to the organisation everywhere. Hedgewar carried to giruji the mission he had started to unite, organize and strengthen the Hindu society.

Shri Guruji

Linguistic Division of States: His father was a teacher. An Example Second to None Some impartial and prominent persons who were watching all these happenings, approached Shri Guruji, and requested him to stop the movement so that the atmosphere becomes congenial for negotiations with the government.

It was then that our army was sent to Kashmir. Guruji died of cancer, but Sangh Swayamsevaks still cherish many of his inspiring memories.

This quality human resource carries on his work. Many new members were religious, small-scale entrepreneurs interested in consolidating their caste positions with the RSS’ Hindu symbols. The mass arrests, violence against members and the ban by an independent Indian government of what was understood as a glwalkar organisation was a shock to the RSS membership.

The pathetic plight of the Hindu society and of an enslaved nation tortured him on the one side; on the other, it was his inborn spiritual pursuit that pulled him.


As Godse, the assassin of Gandhiji was a Brahmin, the Brahmins of Maharashtra and neighboring areas were targeted and arson and looting gruuji. But when it was cross-checked with the Bible, he was found to be correct.

The Government was not ready to prosecute and prove the charges. During his stay in Delhi, Shri Guruji had sent a golwalksr statement to the press. Even today, throughout the country, people recall anecdotes of his phenomenal memory.

Despite all this, the Sangh thought, and work has been growing with all inclusive and all-pervasive approach.

Dr. Hedgewar and Sangh

Right from the primary school stage he did extensive reading. Likewise, Shri Guruji through a detailed statement addressed the nation, when a terrible earthquake hit Assam. Thus, Shri Guruji made the work of the Sangh the sole purpose of his life.

It would be futile-nay, it would be only inviting further and bigger troubles — if we merely take up a defensive posture and somehow try to save our skin; we should, on the contrary, vanquish such an evil enemy completely; not because we harbour any territorial ambitions but to put an end, once and for all, to his capacity to indulge in his anti-human crimes or to pose a threat to our security in future.

Before 20th of August, he got the information that Sardar Patel was unwell.

M. S. Golwalkar – Wikipedia

The author quotes judicial authority that describes the philosophy of dissenting judgements thus: During that transitional period of the newly-achieved freedom, he appealed for conciliation and harmony in the national life. The guidance at this crucial time, also led the Swayamsevaks to be engaged in boosting the public morale and support to the government.

But, decades ahead of the fundamentalism study, Guruji had distinguished Hinduism from the dogmatic faiths. Golwalkar vehemently opposed a secular Indian state. Perhaps there is no other such personality except Mahatma Gandhi, who has written such copious and varied types of letters. In the upcoming series, the author brilliantly and with illustrations, explains how, like all saints and seers spoke ahead of time, Guruji also looked beyond his times and at the future of India and the world, while placing his profound thoughts before their times had arrived.

Tributes by the Nation Several saints and eminent personalities paid their homage to Shri Guruji. How Guruji has been proved right on the character of Islamists and of Pakistan as a state and on the situation prevailing in Pakistan.


Hence, in keeping with his strong urge it was arranged that Swayamsevaks province-wise were called into the Sangh karyalaya to meet him. The Sangh decided to spread his immortal message throughout the length and breadth of the country under the guidance of Shri.

The three-day lecture series of Dr Mohanji Bhagwat was an unqualified success, and as expected conversations triggered by this first of a kind interaction continue. He started walking around the very next day. I have to work a lot! The Swayamsevaks from various parts of the country and other eminent personalities from all walks of life kept pouring in to the Sangh Karyalaya to enquire about his health.

This may well become an issue of friction and ill-will amongst neighboring states. Without caring in the least about the opposition, H. Oberoi wrote that in Bunch of ThoughtsGolwalkar considers Indian Muslims and Christians unpatriotic but his hatred is not limited to them; Golwalkar described the Chinese, “They eat rats, pigs, dogs, serpents, cockroaches, and everything.

Shri Guruji consented and instructed the Swayamsevaks accordingly. All the visitors were charged with entrance fee.

He was born on Magh Bahul Ekadashi, 19th Feb The special occasion round the corner is the celebration of his birth centenary. Guruji — not a Prophet but a drishta seer But Guruji golwqlkar not a Prophet.

Extraordinary Forbearance Inhaving completed his studies up to Intermediate, Madhavrao left for the famous Banaras Hindu University, to finish his B. The other was the RSS gowalkar articulated by Guruji that the inclusive Hinduism was never, and would never be, in conflict with any religion or with secularism as it was superior to secularism, since it accepted all faiths and not negated any.

It was twenty years after matriculation that he passed the Intermediate examination, and it took him another seven years to become a graduate!