The entire Gopika Geetham is in Indira Vruttam / meter and hence Indira the Goddess of Wealth following the foot steps of the Lord came down. Comprising 19 verses, Gopika Geetham is a part of Bhagavatham. Here the love- song of the gopis, extols the fact that pure love and true devotion are one and. Gopika Geetham. By Kalyani Padmanabhan. • 6 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Gopika Geetham. 2. Gopijanan Ahaldham. 3.

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Hireally thankful to you that u are posting Narayaneeyam slogams. Also I tried to see ur ruchi page but I am not able to view that. Could u give me permission geetjam view that? Initially when I visited ur blog I was able to see Ruchi page.

Friday, November 11, Gopika Geetham.

Gopika Geetham – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

This projects the depth of Viraha Thaapam suffered by Gopis when Krishna diappears and their pure Prema Getham and the highest spiritual heights attained by them. This song also brings out the Sringaara Rasam of Gopis with Krishna. This is to be sung with devotion, in rapt attention and reverence without any Thaala or sounds.

Gopis who enthralled in the presence of Krishna with ecstasy during the Raasa Leela, thoughtless about their worldly duties, relations and existence and always longed for Krishna’s company, had developed an EGO, i.


He disappears temporarily from there midst and made Himself not reachable by them. At this time, Gopis felt gopija and could not concentrate on their work and grieved over the absence of Krishna.

When Krishna suddenly disappeared from the company of the gopis, they started searching for him in every place. Unable to find him, they started behaving in strange manner. They asked the trees, plants and animals in the forest whether they have seen Krishna?

Unable to get any answer from them, they asked each other about the whereabouts of Yopika. After much searching, they all sat down fatigued and started imitating the different pastimes they had with Krishna. Some gopis found the footprints of Krishna and begin to follow them Soon they saw another set of footprints beside the imprints of lotus-feet of Lord Krishna. All the gopis came where Radha was hanging from the branch of the tree and heard everything from her.

‎Gopika Geetham by Various Artists on Apple Music

They felt sympathetic about her and together, they proceeded in search of Krishna. When they were unsuccessful in their endeavor, they set down on the bank of River Yamuna and started chanting gopioa glories of Krishna. They repeatedly requested Krishna to appear again. On hearing their plea, Krishna reappeared before the gopis and tried to pacify them.

Thus hearing Krishna speaking to pacify them, the gopis became very happy. After this Krishna began goppika Rasa dance. Krishna danced amidst the gopis.


Krishna multiplied himself into many Krishnas and each form stood beside every gopi, so that each gopi thought that Krishna was dancing with her alone. There were three kinds of rasa going on simultaneously. Kanha and one gopi, personal meeting.

Listen to Gopika Geetham now.

Kanha and two gopis, social meeting. Gopis teetham Radha Rani and Krishna while all their senses centred around Krishna, the final and lasting meeting. The dance was a perfect tuning of rhythm, body movements and music. The movements of their extremities, earrings, hair with flowers and their smiling at each other produced a wonderful dance. To see this wonderful dance, many demi-gods accompanied by their wives had arrived in the sky.

The Gandharvas and Kinnaras gertham to sing and showered flowers on the dancers. Srayatha indira, Krishana saswadathrahi.

Dhayitha, drusyatham Krishana dikshuthavaka. Geethaj druthasavasthwam Krishana vichinwathe. Saradudasaye Krishana; sadu jatha sath. Sarasi jodhara Krishana; srimusha drusa. Suratha nadha, Krishana; they shulka dasika. Varadanignadho Krishana; neha kim vadha. Visha jalapyaya Krishana; dyavla raakshasa. Vrusha mayathmaja Krishana; dwisatha bhaya. Koorpathibhir bramathi dheerbhavadhayusham na. Posted by Jaishree Iyer at 8: Gopika GeethamNarayaneeyam Dasakam: Newer Post Older Post Home.