The Second Concerning the Son. I. Since I have by the power of the Spirit sufficiently overthrown the subtleties and intricacies of the arguments, and already. The Fifth Theological Oration. On the Holy Spirit. I. Such then is the account of the Son, and in this manner He has escaped those who would stone Him, passing. Oration 1 · Oration 2 · Oration 3 · Oration 7 · Oration 8 · Oration 12 · Oration 16 · Oration 18 · Oration 21 · Oration 27 First Theological Oration Oration 28 Second.

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I tremble when I think of such an abundance of titles, and how many Names they blaspheme, those who revolt against the Spirit!

Gregory of Nazianzus – Wikipedia

The Five Theological Orations of S. Is it like those who copy pictures and letters, because they cannot attain the truth unless by looking at the original, and being led by the hand by it? It remains to geegory what are the things which exist, both in fact and in language. According to this argument there must be Four worlds, two made by the Father, and two by the Son. And I think that anyone, even if he did not read it in the way that one of our own Students did, would soon perceive that not even the Son knows the day or hour otherwise than as the Father does.

And Resurrection, theologicap He raises up from hence, and brings to life again us, who were slain by sin. And this is the cause of the error of the Thological, namely the joining of these two Names, which are interchanged because of the Union of the Natures.

For they appropriated certain characters to the honour of the Deity, and would not even allow the name of anything inferior to God to be written with the same letters as that of God, because to their minds it was improper that the Deity should even to that extent admit any of His creatures to a share with Himself.

For in truth He was in servitude to flesh and to birth and to the conditions of our life with a view to our liberation, and to that of all those whom He has saved, who were in bondage under sin. We use names for the divine nature.

Thank you for your good works, may they be a blessing to you as well! God certainly is incorporeal, but, as a term of negation, this tells us only what God is not and not what God is.


But I am so old fashioned, or perhaps I should say so unlearned, as to use the word Three of that number of things, even if they are of a different nature, and to use One and One and One in a different way of so many units, even if they are united in essence, looking not so much at the things themselves as at the quantity of the things in respect of which the enumeration is made.

Gregory was subsequently enthroned as bishop of Constantinople at the Basilica of the Apostles, replacing Demophilus. In a word, there is nothing which presents a standing point to my mind in these illustrations from which to consider the Object which I am trying to represent to myself, unless one may indulgently accept one point of the image while rejecting the rest.

One Godhead means one divine will.

And if you are an Ithamar or an Eleazar and third from Moses or one of the elders and gregofy member of the Seventy, stand even farther away, although you are third in rank.

Well then, here it is an acknowledged fact that different persons may have the same substance. And now we have both seen and proclaim concisely and simply the doctrine of God the Trinity, comprehending out of Light the FatherLight the Sonin Light the Holy Ghost.

CHURCH FATHERS: Fifth Theological Oration (Oration 31) (Gregory Nazianzen)

Norris, Faith Gives Naziansus to Reasoning: Well, what is the second of their great irresistible passages? From whence are you bringing in upon us this strange God, of Whom Scripture is silent? And what could be more disastrous than such a victory? The following passage particularly jumped out at me: Do you not see that three crabs or dogs are spoken of?

Gregory of Nazianzus

This process as described by Gregory is the public manifestation of the process of deification theosiswhich leads to a spiritual elevation and mystical union with God. For the Father is not Son, and yet this is not due to either deficiency or subjection of Essence; but the very fact of being Unbegotten or Begotten, or Proceeding has ot the name of Father to the First, of the Son to the Second, and of the Third, Him of Whom we are speaking, of the Holy Ghost that the distinction of the Three Persons may be preserved in the one nature and dignity of the Godhead.

But we are enquiring into a Nature Whose Being is absolute and not into Being bound up with something else. Celica Milovanovic-Barham, “Gregory of Nazianzus: The order of creation leads us to its artificer.


Gregory used this occasion to deliver a final address Or. The begotten of both.

Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly For, tell me, what position will you assign to that which Proceeds, which has started up between the two terms of your division, and is introduced by a better Theologian than you, our Saviour Himself?

For what, says He, is the Will of My Father? His oratiojs and mind must be purified and illumined by the Holy Spirit. It is in respect theollgical this that it is said I live by the Father; not as though His Life and Being were kept together by the Father, but because He has His Being from Him beyond all time, and beyond all cause.

Following the deaths ortions his mother and father inGregory continued to administer the Diocese of Nazianzus but refused to be named bishop. Everywhere one went, whether theaters, salons, funerals, or taverns, there one would hear people vigorously debating arcane points of theology.

For we understand in the same way bazianzus words, Father, if gregry be thrological, let this cup pass from Me; Nevertheless let not what I will but Your Will prevail. Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download. Inthe Antioch synod and its archbishop, Meletios, asked Gregory to go to Constantinople to lead a theological campaign to win over that city to Nicene orthodoxy.

But now the swarm of testimonies shall burst upon you from which the Deity of the Holy Ghost shall be shown to all who are not excessively stupid, or else altogether enemies to the Spirit, to be most clearly recognized in Scripture.

For what is this argument? BR 45 S88U68 — A ray of the Sun flashing upon a wall and trembling with the movement of the moisture which the beam has taken gregoru in mid air, and then, being checked by the hard body, has set up a strange quivering.

AD ArianzumCappadocia. Revised and edited for New Advent by Kevin Knight. Theodosius wanted to further unify the entire empire behind the orthodox position and decided to convene a church council to resolve matters of faith and discipline.