Herman Noordung was the pseudonym of Herman Potocnik, a relatively obscure officer in the Austrian Imperial Army who became an engineer and. Herman Potočnik Noordung Visitor Centre (water reservoir). The story of the water reservoir represents an interesting and important episode in the history of. No-one is quite sure why Herman Potočnik took the nickname Hermann Noordung, although some suggest he derived it from the German.

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He is chiefly remembered for his work addressing the long-term human habitation of space. When Herman’s father died inhis mother moved the family to Maribor.

Herman Potočnik – Wikipedia

He spent most of his childhood years in Maribor and, according to oral sources, in Vitanje. The meaning of his German-like pseudonym Noordung is still a mystery, but some suggest that he used it to show the problems of chaos German: Ordnung”order”; ordunga in Slovene colloquial language. Assuming that the initial “N” may have poronik intended to stand as a negation, the name would mean “without order” or “no order”.

Afterward he went to the military secondary schools in Fischau and Hranice in Moravia. His uncle Heinrich was a major-general in the army, and probably enabled his study at Austrian military schools. His specialization was building of railways and bridges.


In he was pensioned off from the Austrian military with the rank of captain because of tuberculosis that he contracted during the war.

He started to study electrical engineering in the mechanical engineering department of the University of Technology in ViennaAustria, and was awarded a doctorate in engineering. From onward, he devoted himself entirely to the problems of rocket science and space technology.

Owing to chronic illness, he did not find a job or marry, but lived with his brother Adolf in Vienna, Austria. The publisher, Richard Carl Schmidt, printed the year as a publishing date, probably from a purely business motive to keep the book looking new throughout the coming year and this date is often mistakenly given as the actual potonij of publication.

Herman Potočnik Noordung « Renowned individuals

He conceived a detailed design for a space stationregarded by Russian and American historians of spaceflight to be the first architecture in space. A partial translation to English, containing most of the essential chapters, was made as early as for the American magazine Science Wonder Stories and was issued in three parts July, August and September With his many ideas he became one of the founders of astronautics.

Pitonik its Russian edition, the book may also have influenced Sergey Korolev ‘s circle. Clarke in his Wireless World article of The wheel-shaped space station served as an inspiration for further development by Wernher von Braun another former VfR member in Von Braun saw orbiting space stations as a stepping stone to travel to other planets.


InStanley Kubrick ‘s ground-breaking film, An obituary notice about his death was printed in one Maribor daily newspaper, mentioning his ranks engineers and captainhis illness, but nothing about his work regarding space.

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Herman Potočnik Noordung’s Tombstone to Be Unveiled in Vienna

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