os Hit Hangjai Erdélyi énekeskönyv után érdeklődnék kedves -és mennyiért tudnám beszerezni az se baj,ha nem új:). ?v=cMXzZ1gf8R0 ÚJ SZÍVET ADJ, URAM, ÉNNEKEM. ?v=Yz4DKupRntM JÉZUS, TÉGED KERESLEK, BÉKESSÉGRE VÁGYVA.

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Recorded at dawn in mid-altitude rainforest on Mount Lewis.

Strong winds blow across the barren landscape at Tom’s Spring uangjai Tecopa, California, while a Long-eared Owl calls softly in the background. Notice the repeating of song phrases hangjak of this species.

Thy National Park, Denmark. Iceberg Fragments Bay of Alicehamna, Svalbard. Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas, United States.

Bats Leaving the Roost Argens-Minervois. Contact microphones were placed inside the hollow of an old Oak. Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania. Unique recording of icebergs as they creak, grind and rub against one another due to tidal movements and also small waves deep under the iceshelf.

Common Eiders Displaying Shetland Islands. The soundscape becomes softer, simpler, as if the wildlife is bracing itself for the coming deluge.

Providing refuge and breeding grounds for migratory birds and other wildlife, Seney Wildlife Refuge is a success story in habitat restoration. Cream-coloured Giant Squirrel Sarawak. Chitwan National Park, Nepal. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Soundscape from the remote Lake Achit-nur in Mongolia. The sounds of thousands of Sandhill Cranes on cold day with sleet falling.


Pado lake is on the eastern side of the Meelva bog in south-east Estonia. A 20 minute sound journey compiled from various recordings made deep in Brazil’s western Amazon rainforest.

West coast, St Lucia. Sign up Log out news. Song of the Siberian Rubythroat near Yakutia, Siberia.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. There has been freedom of religion since Musician Wren Wildsumaco, Napo.

I placed hanvjai microphones a few metres from a small stream in upland rainforest and left them to capture the dawn chorus. Blackbird Song in the Mountains Platak, Radesevo.

Nature Soundmap – Hear the world like never before

Wonderful soundscape featuring a pair of Great Hornbill’s. The voice of the Screaming Piha is extraordinary. In the distance, waves crash into the sands of Durras Beach. Just after sunset, the chuck-wills-widows started up a chorus that continued for a long time. Listen to the songs of early morning birds on wind swept Kangaroo Island.

This lovely recording features the sounds of open country birds including Meadowlark, Great-tailed Grackle and California Quail. Recorded in pre-dawn light where the monsoon forest merges with the wetland.


Spring is a great time to visit the mallee country, and if you can handle the frosty mornings, the intense dawn chorus at 6am is hkt. Situated on a rugged sandstone plateau south of Sydney, Dharawal National Park preserves an ancient landscape of tall eucalypts, heaths, swamps, waterfalls and rockpools.

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Beskidy Mountains Soundscape Beskidy Mountains. The calls of Giant Squirrels often start with an explosion of bubbly staccato notes, followed by some excited hnagjai and sneezes. Salmon River, Oregon, United States. Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve, Estonia. Manu National Hangmai, Peru. Microphones placed at a depth of about one metre, recorded off the coast of Croatia. In the hours following dusk in Pasoh Forest Reserve, the forest is alive with insects, frogs, nocturnal birds and mammals.

This recording was made by a puddle on the side of the main access road.