The latest Tweets from Hokky Situngkir (@quicchote). aktivis ilmu-ilmu kompleksitas sosial ꦲꦺꦴꦏ꧀ꦏ – ᮠᮧᮊ᮪ᮊᮤ – ᨖᨚᨀᨗ – 호키 – حوككي. indonesian. Maulana, Ardian and Situngkir, Hokky, Dynamics of the Corruption Eradication in Indonesia (September 12, ). Bandung Fe Institute (BFI) Working Paper. Spread of Hoax in Social Media. BFI Working Paper No. WP 7 Pages Posted: 14 May See all articles by Hokky Situngkir.

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Skip to main content. By introducing a social system that connects people of different islands and local identities across Indonesia to a national information project with a social purpose, Hokky is liberating the rich but repressed cultural heritage of Indonesia and making it available in ways that allow anyone to access its value.

In hoky with the Ministry of Research and Technology, Hokky holky also provided the software and training to batik designers in sixty villages in Java.

Part of his decision to choose ITB was also because he learned that it was active in the ousting of the president and the fall of corrupt government in the period prior to the reform era.

By applying a data-based, scientific approach to cultural history, Hokky is creating the systems and tools for people to gather and use multidisciplinary cultural knowledge. He set up student Ganesha 10 Community and hok,y in different student activities from culture and art to human rights.

He also partners with corporations to channel their corporate social responsibility funds to the campaign efforts and invites portal owners to zitungkir participation.

He does this through creative use of information technology and science and the equally creative mobilization of stakeholders.

Personal Page

Citations Many of the citations below have been collected in an experimental project, CitEcwhere a more detailed citation analysis can be found. Note that if the versions have a very similar title and are sktungkir the author’s profile, the links will usually be created automatically. Hokky Situngkir, an expressive, rising young scientist, is engaging the Indonesian populace in uncovering, valuing, and using its diverse cultural knowledge.


Surya University News 23 Maret Personal Details First Name: Hokky Situngkir, pendekar batik dari Surya University. Hokky is an accomplished mentor and his mentees have gone on to win gold medals at the International Conference of Young Scientists and First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics. As a result, information about the family, history, and distribution of Indonesian batik, now has been produced and made available to the public online.

Sarijadi Blok 5 No.

Archived from the original on 13 August To further institutionalize the impact, Hokky and Ashoka Fellow Yohanes Surya set up Surya Research International SRIa for-profit research institution that partners with government offices and corporations to apply complex science to address current challenges. However, he saw too that in the post-reform phase, the different ideologies emerging resulted in conflicts and friction among student groups rather than productive dialogue and harmony.

In Hokky founded Bandung Fe Hokkj as a non-profit entity to develop studies, public education, and empowerment in collaboration. Computational Economics 14 RePEc uses bibliographic data supplied by the respective publishers. sifungkir

When his father started his job as a lecturer in communication in Medan, Hokky was able to attend high school and seek scientific knowledge in new ways. Hokky then makes this database available online to the Indonesian public and the world.

He often read scientific books borrowed from university students who rented a room at his situgkir because he found the structure of the writing more compelling than prose. Evolutionary Economics 6 Applications to business data ,” Information Systems FrontiersSpringer, vol.

Hokky Situngkir

There, details are also given on how to add or correct references and citations. The appropriation of Indonesian cultural heritage is likely to continue because public participation in the collection and use of traditional knowledge, especially among younger generations, is low and sporadic. To link different versions of the same work, where versions have a different title, use this form.

It also conducts cultural expeditions to centers of traditional cultures and road-shows to spread the use of information technology to preserve traditional culture against global trends. His academic activities include research regarding the aspects of fractal geometry in Indonesian Batik[3] mathematical aspects of Indonesian traditional folk songs and in the architecture of Borobudur[4] [5] [6] as well as Indonesian stock market analysis with econophysics alongside Indonesian senior physicist Yohanes Surya.


Inspired by his grandfather, Hokky loved reading and writing; having begun at just four-years-old.


You can help correct errors and omissions. Where traditional designs are collected and made available online in a reliable process, it becomes far more difficult for outsiders to claim traditional Indonesian designs as their own.

Hokky, the oldest of three siblings, was born thirty years ago in Siantar, North Sumatra. Hokky has developed situngjir and computational tools in the forms of social complexity software.

dblp: Hokky Situngkir

For instance, by utilizing a multidisciplinary approach including econophysics, computer science, mathematics, and social science, Hokky and his team have produced new batik fractal designs, showing how computational analysis applied to this wealth of data can aid innovation. Hokky invites all Indonesians to participate in and benefit from what previously was the realm only of anthropologists, historians, and other cultural experts and guardians.

South East Asia 8 Fisher information flow metric in financial network dynamics ,” Physica A: To complete the model, Hokky set up a fractal batik small enterprise in Bandung, the profit from which funds the portal initiative. Hokky is therefore developing a partnership with the Ministry of Finance to develop a financial crisis management protocol.

When Hokky graduated from college, he was not satisfied with his well-earned diploma. Hokky was also asked by the instructor of the Indonesia Badminton Association about how to optimize the performance of the national badminton team.

Third, it has the potential to advance economic opportunity by opening up new landscapes of creativity in the use of traditional designs to market a diversity of products.

PBI is the host organization for the budaya-indonesia.