Each day has 24 Kala Horas, each hour constituting a Hora. Therefore, from the Sunrise, first one hour is being represented by the first Hora. tags: horary, cotton market, horary numerology as applied to cotton market, numerology book, hora science, rasajo, download numerology. Horary Numerology of the Turf -Study Guide. “Horay Numerology applied as Cotton Market” kisine pada hai kya? kya hai isme? Is kitaab ke.

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When you take the past records of certain winning numbers of any lottery or similar gambling event in a serial format and workout according to the methods of the pyramidon system, you will get the conditional format or the trend line.

The Golden Ratio is best understood geometrically by the golden rectangle.

applief In my quest to find a suitable method in forecasting a horay number as of a lottery, with high degree of accuracy and after many years of testing of various statistical analytical methods in the theory of probability has resulted in stumbling upon a system of mathematical application and I call it pyramidon system. In my many years of research work in this field, I found a particular application in simplifying the procedures to a great extent. Each hour carries the energy of one of the planets.

This went on for many cotto without getting any proper satisfactory level of forecasting. Then you designate the first hour to the Sun, the ruler of Sundays.


Picking the winning combinations or numbers. Both these methods use conditional level of forecasting wherein each event should have parallel existing values in lieu. Sun – career, health, sports, government, authority figures. A Hora Table has been prepared accordingly, presuming the Sun rise at 6’o clock.

horary numerology as applied to cotton market

The first planet for each day will be the ruler of the day. So the 16th hour since sunrise was running then. Therefore, from the Sunrise, first one hour is being represented cootton the first Hora, which is always the Lord of the day. Let me give you an example of calculation of Hora for the day January 14thplace: These three parameters are essential to fix the horas of the day. Moon – public relations, marjet, domestic, mother, personal needs, social life.

horary numerology as applied to cotton market ( edition) | Open Library

Depending upon the local Sun rise time, the Hora time needs to be adjusted. Sun Hora is positively more effective on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Not only this method is very simple in application, it is much interesting in the working-out and evaluating the winning event at highest probability level. Each mqrket is divided into hours, beginning at sunrise.


Mars Norary is detrimental on Saturday and Wednesday. The lottery is a random game of chance. After subtracting multiples of 7 from 16, we get 2. Mercury Hora is positively more effective on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Mercury Hora is Less effective on Tuesday. Wednesday, November 28, Calculation of Hour. Numbers are only what we use to organize quantitative information. In betting the next number of your electricity bill?


After that, we list planets in the order mentioned above. These horas are ruled by different planets. Education, learning, communication, writing, agreement, trade, travel, discussion. Let us get started with the working of the pyramidon system and observe the astonishing trend lines or conditional formats that are generated in order to have maximum confidence levels of probability in selecting the winning numbers.

Moon Hora is Less effective on Sunday and Saturday. Mars – physical activity, competition, sports, brothers. Nevertheless, through experiment, it is possible to get a sense of your own particular response pattern.

This trend line or the conditional format generated in the pyramidon is the main feature having a trend of occurrence of the numbers and thus eliminating the dreaded factor of total randomness cototn uncertainty level in calculating probability factors. Moon Hora is positively more effective on Monday and Thursday. Jupiter hora is auspicious fruitful appplied increasing.