HP Deskjet D Printer. HP Deskjet D Printer Choose a different product. Warranty status: Unspecified – Check warranty status Manufacturer warranty. Print photos from a digital camera, external card reader, or USB flash drive: Plug the camera or other device into the printer’s front USB port. You can then print. Manuals and User Guides for HP Deskjet D We have 3 HP Deskjet D manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Reference Manual.

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Hewlett-Packard CompanynoticesThe information contained in thisdocument is subject to change withoutnotice. Reproduction,adaptation, or translation of thismaterial is prohibited without priorwritten permission of Hewlett-Packard,except as allowed under copyright laws. The only warranties for HP productsand services are set forth in the expresswarranty statements accompanyingsuch products and services. Share photos with friends and family Contents11 MaintenanceInstall print cartridges Problems with borderless documents This guide primarily explains howto print photos from memory cards, digital cameras, and other USB devices.

For detailson how to use your computer and the printer together, see the following table and selectan appropriate topic. You can also use the table of contents pane on the left to locateinformation. For information about installing the software, see the Setup Guide that camewith the printer.

TroubleshootingFind a solution to a hardware or software problem. Order suppliesLearn how to order supplies for the printer. SpecificationsLearn about the paper capacity, requirements, and otherspecifications for the printer.

HP inkjet supplies recyclingprogram6DescriptionFind out how to recycle print cartridges. You have purchased an HP Deskjet printer that is equipped with severalexciting features: Use the entire page surface when printing photos andbrochures with the borderless printing feature. Enhance photo printing with a photo print cartridge purchased separately.

Continue printing with one print cartridge when the other printcartridge has run out of ink. Chapter 3Buttons and lightsUse the printer buttons to turn the printer on and off, cancel a print job, restart a job, andopen HP Photosmart Software.

HP Deskjet D4260 Printer User Guides

The printer lights give you visual cues about the statusof the printer. Power button and lightUse the Power button to turn the printer on and off. It can take a few desket for theprinter to turn on after you press the Power button. Always use the Power button to turn the printer on and off.

Hp Deskjet D Manuals

Using a powerstrip, surge protector, or a wall-mounted switch to turn the printer on and off mightcause printer failure.

For moreinformation, see Print cartridges. The left status light represents the tri-color print cartridge, which is installed in the leftside of up print cartridge cradle. The right status light represents the black or the photo print cartridge. For moreinformation, see Photo print cartridge.


One of these print cartridges is installed in theright side of the print cartridge cradle. Chapter 3Resume button and lightThe Resume light flashes when an action is required, such as loading paper or clearinga paper jam.

When the problem is solved, press the Resume button to continue printing. You can then print thephotos using HP Photosmart Software. Cancel iconThe printer has a Cancel icon located to the left of the Power button.

When the printer isbusy, the Power button functions like a Cancel button. Pressing the Power button when the printer is idle turns the printer off. Chapter 3Unfold the paper traysTo unfold the paper trays1. Lower the input tray. Lower the output tray. Pull out the output-tray extension. Input trayThe input tray holds paper or other media.

Output trayPrinted pages are deposited in the output tray. Chapter 3Raise the output tray to load paper or other media. Lower the output tray before printing. To prevent paper from falling out of the output tray, pull out both sections of the outputtray extension. If you are printing in the Fast Draft mode, raise the output-tray extensionstop. Remove paper or other media from the paper trays. Raise the output deskjeet. Raise the input tray. Print cartridgesThree print cartridges can be used with the printer.

Chapter 3Use print cartridgesThe print cartridges can be used in the following ways: Use the black and tri-color print cartridges for everyday print jobs. For more vibrant colors when printing color photographs orother special documents, remove the black print cartridge and install a photo printcartridge. The photo print cartridge, in combination with the tri-color print cartridge,provides you with virtually grain-free photos.

When the desljet operates in ink-backup mode, a message is displayed onscreen.

If the message is np and two print cartridges are installed in the printer,verify that the protective piece of plastic tape has been removed from each printcartridge. When plastic tape covers the print cartridge contacts, the printer cannotdetect that the print cartridge is installed. For best printing performance, use a USB 2.

HP Deskjet D Printer : User Guide

For instructions about connecting the printer with a USB cable, see the Setup Guide thatcame with the printer. A USB cable might not be packaged with your printer. When youpress the button, the HP Photosmart Software is opened on your computer. For more information, check the following topics: To print from the front USB port1. Load photo paper into the printer.

For instructions about loading photo paper, click one of the following options: The green Connection light should be illuminated. For more information, see Aboutthe front USB port lights. Turn on your camera or device, and then set it to transfer photos. Learn how to print photosPrint a borderless photo. Print a photo with a border. Improve printed colors with advanced color settings. Print an Exif Print-formatted photo if you have Exif Print-enabled software.


Chapter 7Prepare to print1. Slide the paper guide all the way to the left. Verify that the photo paper is flat. Place the photo paper in the right side of the input tray. The side to be printed onshould face down and the short edge should point towards the printer.

If you are using photo paper that has a tear-off tab, verify that the tab is pointing awayfrom the printer. Push the paper into the printer until it stops. In the Printing Shortcuts list, click Photo Printing-Borderless, and then select thefollowing options: For maximum dpi quality, go to the Features tab, and then clickMaximum dpi in the Print Quality drop-down list. Some paper sizes might extend beyond the edge of the input tray.

Slide the paper guide firmly against the edge of the paper. In the Printing Shortcuts list, click Photo Printing-with white borders, and deskkjet the following options: To learn how to install a print cartridge, see Installation instructions.

Toprotect a print cartridge when it is not in the printer, follow d460 Maintain printcartridges guidelines. To use the photo print cartridge1. Open the Printer Properties dialog box. Theprinter software then uses this information to automatically perform image-specificenhancements to create outstanding photos.

To print Exif Print-enhanced photos, you must have the following items: Share photos with friends and familyIf you have installed the HP Photosmart Software, you can use HP Photosmart Share toeasily share images by e-mail without the use of large file attachments. Minimize your cost and effort while maximizing the quality of your printoutswith printing tips.

Learn about the printer software. Print e-mailGuidelinesDo not exceed the input tray capacity: Click the Printing Shortcuts tab. An appropriate paper size4.

Select any other print settings that you want, and then mznual OK. In the Printing Shortcuts list, click General Everyday Printing, and then specifythe following print settings: In the Printing Shortcuts list, click Presentation Printing, and then specify thefollowing print settings: Slide the paper guide firmly against the edge of the envelopes.