A Ruger SP is likely in my future. I learned of a series of books called IBOK’s ( Iowegan’s Books of Knowledge). They used to be available for. Introduction. The Ruger SP is a great revolver, but the factory double action trigger pull can be heavy and a bit rough. It can be improved with a “trigger job”. In the library they have DIY tutorials for Ruger revolvers called the “Iowegian book of Knowledge” (IBOK). They’re pretty informational and have.

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Proof of the old addage “no good deed goes unpunished” Or as granny used to say, ya just cain’t do some folks right! This is the surface that pulls the cylinder latch down. The machined end of the cam is the SA sear. Each examined ways to smooth out the rugfr of the firearm, verify tolerances between the various systems of the firearm, etc.

I shot about 60 rds of HP’s thru GP in g and g bullets: Once the trigger is out, you can dress the high spots on the sides of the trigger or the inside of the struts. I started this blog to help fellow shooters with good accurate unbiased information and fuger makes it well worth writing when someone like yourself finds it useful.

Flood the inside of the cylinder hole with a good cleaner and blow it out with compressed air. Lance produces all ibpk shims by hand. The adjustable sight models come with full sized rubber grips with inserts. Look for chatter marks in the bore where the rifling is interrupted.


Ruger SP101 IBOK

Pull the trigger back slightly then remove the transfer bar part When pushed in all the way, the firing pin should protrude. I was just wondering if there were any other things I might have missed. You can accomplish a good cleaning without taking the internal cylinder parts out. I am not a gunsmith.

The assembly contains the trigger, cylinder latch, transfer bar, pawl, and their associated springs, plungers and pins. January 25th, I was lucky to get the manual on my Security-Six and this is where it is going to stay on this computer.

Sorry for the Q, but what is an IBOK?

If you detect a bind, try to isolate it by watching the trigger move inside the struts. Look for a restriction at the area where the barrel urger into the frame.

Checker4TixDec 17, It’s worth the time reading about the nuances of the platform, and the suggested remedies for ailments so that you understand the platform before trying ‘repairs’ and adjustments. The tip of the plunger snaps into a hole in the frame, just behind the trigger guard and inside the grip frame. Minor rough spots are not an issue. However, there is a site which offers the inside story of the GP, as written by a retired gunsmith who contributes to this forum: Cylinder latch is pulled down, releasing the cylinder.


When the cylinder is opened, the crane latch AKA cylinder release button, part 52 will spring in. The factory spring is a little heavy 11 lbs. Locate the hole drilled on the flat surface of the crane part Lift the rear of the sight to unlatch.

Bluing only affects the surface of the metal so it will wear off, especially from using holsters. The spring loaded hammer dog part 65 is picked up by the trigger cam extension in DA. Inspect the sides of the hammer for smoothness. Most are fine, but some are rough in some function and even inaccurate — like most of the Minis used to be. November 28th, Apply a drop of oil on the hammer pivot pin then insert it into the frame.

Ruger GP Spring Kit – Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting –

I will have to check which weights I used. While holding the cylinder firmly to the rear, slide the thickest blade of a gap gauge that will fit with friction between the case head ivok recoil shield frame.

To remove the rear sight, hold the rear sight blade down with your thumb and unscrew the elevation screw all the way.