ZONE AMPLIFIER ZAA ZAA C AUTION AVIS 1 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1 GENERAL USE (용도) 1 I NSTALLATIONS 2 F. Jedia JPAA/JPAA Amplifier Functions · JPAA Operating Instructions. Legislation and Compliance. RoHS Status: Not Applicable. Statement of. מגברי JDM היפרטרוניקס רכיבים וחלקי אלקטרוניקה מערכות כריזה והגברה מוצרי חשמל מגבר מיקסר חכם ל- 5 איזורי כריזה W. ZAA: A/A. ZAA: A/

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To prevent electric shock, do not open top cover.

All signals can be recorded but recording out can not be adjusted by master volume because recording output is in the front of circuit of master volume control. Use LAN cable within m distance. Do not install this apparatus in a confined space such as a book case or similar unit. Then, attenuation function in the main amplifier are reset and zone power-out is converted to HI impedance power output.

מגבר מיקסר חכם ל- 5 איזורי כריזה 240W

This function is same as that of “TALK” or “message” operation. Check inside temperature of rack system so as not to be more than 40 C for the stable operating in any case, we recommend you to install cooling fan additionally on the rear panel of rack cabinet.


Keep in mind the following when connecting the apparatus. It’s a community-based project which helps za-110a repair anything. Cable for audio line should be used by shield cable.

ZAA/A/A > Product Information | PA/VA | JD-MEDIA

It is best suited for call and message transmission installation with alert systems, music in industrial enterprises, offices, congregation halls and sport centers, schools, churches, hospitals, super-maket, and other similar occasions.

If not, speaker may get harmful due to loud noise power by power shock. This apparatus should be serviced by qualified service person.

For phantom, please push phantom switch to supply with P. Operation voltage for mic priority is DC 24V to the screw terminal. The following is priority ranking against all signal inputs of system and priority signal is “NO” “OFF” automatically.

Secound, you can increase jddm volume to the position “0” of LED indicator. You had better use proper input ilevel. The corresponding LED indicator lights. The battery connection cord has to be 3.

This makes you replay, stop recorded message of the memory bank M1-M6 one time without setting repeat function.

Users can extend cable at 30m MAX. If clip indicator of output meter is turn-on, please turn GAIN control to the clock-otherwise for the optimum internal operstion. This is for pre signal or alert signal. The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no object filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be place on the apparatus.

  ISO 11898-3 PDF

ZAA, A havel been kdm to use P. In case data are supplied to amplifier, send LED indicator lights. You can hear telephone ring Via speaker from other office in the night.

Second, you can increase input volume to the position “0” of LED indicator. Busy means under operating of “TALK” or digital message.

Amplifier P.A. 5 zone JDM ZA-1120A

Never block the air vents in the sides and front of the amplifier the following is figure of air-flow. Maximum power output per zone speaker. Turn gain volume and level controls of front panel ndm the clock-otherwise completely when you use phantom power.

T MIC signal can be activated is spite of priority. The stereo signal of the connected sound sources gets internally converted into a manual signal. This is to prevent is to prevent mistake from remote controller RC