Explore Patty Duquette’s board “Drew Canole & Other Juice recipes” on Pinterest . | See more ideas about Juice recipes, Juice smoothie and Cleanse. All You Need to Know About Drew Canole and His Revolutionary Juicing System ! The approach towards healthy eating and weight loss adopted by Drew. This is an easy to do liver cleanse juice recipe. .. The author, Drew Canole, and the associated are not rendering medical advice, nor to diagnose.

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This is an easy to do liver cleanse juice recipe.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a must watch video documentary. Carrots are high in provitamin A carotenes. Carrots are also high in carotenoidcontent which prevents oxidative damage inside our bodies. Select carrots that are firm, smooth and bright colored.

Avoid cracked or dull looking carrots. When juicing cut off the greens since when they are absorbed in the body they react with the sunlight and thus you may experience sunburn or rash. Also feed carrots into the juicer end first. The great thing about carrots besides their nutritional value jucing that they are delicious and sweet so they taste great in about any juice. Celery is part of the jjuicing, parsley, and fennel family. Celery juicing recipes are widely used as a diuretic, which increasing the passing of urine.

Celery is rich in sodium and potassium, which is a great after workout drink. Celery contains coumarins, which have anticancer properties. Coumarin also help lower blood pressure and also help with migraines. It is important to wash celery ribs thoroughly. Select celery that is light green and firm. A key way to see if the celery is fresh is that the ribs should snap not bend.

Celery is used as a base in many vegetable juices. Thus you can add celery ribs to many of your favorite juicing recipes. First juice the tomato, cucumber, celery, cilantro. Cilantro juicing recipes are packed with great nutrients. Research suggests that cilantro lowers LDL recipess cholesterol. Cilantro also has antioxidant properties, calcium, manganese, iron, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A and vitamin K. Choose cilantro that is fresh and green, avoid cilantro that looks wilted.

Cucumbers are amazing vegetables for juicing. The skin of cucumbers are composed of many important minerals like silica. Silica is important for our connective tissue.

It helps our connective tissue stay strong, which is important for holding our body together. Silica is also found in intracellular cement, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone and cartilage.

Even when juiced cucumber has a great source of silica. Cucumber juice also helps with skin complexion. When juicing cucumbers choose ones that refipes medium to dark green and firm. Here are some yummy juicing recipes for you try…enjoy! Fennel belongs to the same umbelliferous family of carrots, parsley, and celery. Fennel has many medicinal and nutritional effects. Some medicinal effects include intestinal antispasmodic, used for relieving gas issues, tones and strengthens the stomach due to the stomachic compound, and anodyne which helps relieve stomach pain.


Fennel also has phytoestrogencompounds which helps with menopause. Fennel is also high in coumarin like celery. Garlic is a powerful ingredient, so start juicing with it! It has been used for coughs, colds, toothaches, dandruff, and jkicing other symptoms. Research conducted has shown that garlic lowers blood sugar, eliminates lead in the body, has detoxification properties, strengths the immune system, has anticancer properties, has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Garlic has sulfur containing compounds such as allicin also responsible for the potent odor of garlicdiallyltrisulfide and others that create a therapeutic effect.

Juicing Recipes

The best way to take garlic is raw. When garlic is cooked it losses some of its therapeutic effects. Research suggests that 3 cloves of garlic are recommended per day. Best garlic to buy is fresh and firm garlic. Srew garlic that has evidence of decay or mildew. A lot of people ask me, what is the difference.

In this video I address this commonly asked question. Ginger like garlic is used to treat many conditions.

Ginger helps with ddrew, dizziness, cold sweating, inhibitor of inflammatory compounds, antioxidant properties, nausea and juucing that is usually associated with pregnancy and much more. Select fresh ginger that looks fresh.

Store ginger in the refrigerator. Kale is rich in vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and have anticancer properties. This makes it perfect for juicing. Kale is also rich in fiber and detoxifies your entire system. You should select kale that is fresh, dark green and tender. The darker the lettuce the higher concentration of nutrients. Romaine lettuce has more nutrient content than looseleaf, butterhead and iceberg.

Select lettuce that is fresh and crisp. Onions, garlic and leeks have similar nutritional benefits such as anticancer properties. Onions and garlic decrease blood lipid levels, prevent blood clots, and lowers blood pressure. Onions contain a compound called allylpropyl disulphide APDS which creates the powerful lowering of blood sugar levels.

Another great benefit of onions are that they help which asthma due to its ability to relax bronchial muscle which decrease bronchial spasms. Select onions that are firm with dry skin. Onion juices are often too strong to consume alone.

You can also substitute onions for garlic. So far there has been many juices that incorporate parsley. Parsley juicing recipes are rich in carotenes and chlorophyll. Parsley is also packed with vitamin C, flavonoids that inhibit cancer causing properties of fried foods. So put down the energy drink and juice the parsley! Pick parsley that is fresh and green.


Stay away from wilted or yellow parsley. Parsley juice alone is very strong, but the good news is that you can add parsley to any juice!

Love and Parsley Juice: Bell peppers are one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables that you will find, also they are packed with vitamin C. Red bell peppers also have higher levels of nutrients compared to green bell peppers. According to research, bell peppers contain substances that have been shown to prevent blood clot formation which reduces chances of heart attack and stroke.

Select fresh, firm and bright bell peppers. One thing to remember when juicing bell peppers is that organic is the way to go! First wrap the parsley around the tomato and add it into the juicer, then the green bell pepper, cucumber, scallion, and lemon. Spinach juicing recipes are packed with powerful nutrients. Spinach has fiber, flavonoids which have anticancer properties, antiflammatory properties due to neoxanthin and violaxanthin properties, lowers blood pressure, packed with vitamin A which helps with immunity and skin complexion, and vitamin K.

Choose dark green and fresh spinach. Add a handful of spinach to any juice! Homocysteine is a compound that damages blood vessels. Research suggests that people with heart attacks have high levels of homocysteine in their blood vessels.

Research has shown that vitamin B6 reduces the risk of heart disease. Sweet potatoes are also packed with potassium with control blood pressure and is rich in fiber which helps you filling full! When digested, sweet potatoes have a slow digestion rate due to the fiber and complex carbohydrates which in turn stabilizes an individuals insulin levels.

22 Juicing Combinations Guaranteed to Improve Your Health from Head to Toe

Choose sweet potatoes that are firm with no signs of decay. If you prefer sweeter tasting sweet potatoes than choose darker sweet potatoes.

Tomatoes have antioxidant properties due to the lycopene content. Lycopene is also responsible for tomatoes vibrant red color. Lycopene reduces chances of heart diseases and lowers cholesterol levels.

Juiicing conducted also suggests that eating tomatoes reduces macular degeneration. Also, I really enjoy juicing recipes with wild greens….

Make use of this information to hype up your very own detoxification! The detoxification process can also take in the form of a juice fast.