Cellphone manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your cellphone and other products at ManualsOnline. SONY ERICSSON KI MANUAL RG File ID: PEELDZSURG File Type: PDF File Size: SONY ERICSSON KI MANUAL PEELDZSURG. This is the official Sony Ericsson Ki User Guide in English provided from the Sony Ericsson Ki Manual / Bedienungsanleitung / Handbuch (Deutsch.

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More information and downloads are available at www. Use the selection keys or the navigation key to scroll and select. Getting started Insert the SIM card. Make sure the SIM card is placed under the silvery holders. Place the battery on the back of the phone with the label side up and the connectors facing each other. Getting started that you can see and call an emergency number without entering majual PIN 19 Emergency calls.

At first start-up, select the language you want for your phone, that is, the language for the menus. Getting to know manusl phone Getting to know your phone Phone overview, use the menus, enter letters, file manager.

Phone overview This is the Internet version of the user’s guide. Infrared port Press and hold to activate the camera and video recorder Volume buttons Screen Getting to know your phone Navigating the menus The main menus are shown as icons on the desktop. Some submenus include tabs that appear on the screen. Scroll to a tab with the navigation key and select an option. Press to go to the desktop. Using keypad shortcuts Enter the menus by pressing and then enter the number of the menu to which you want to go.

For example, to reach the fifth menu item, press To reach the tenth, eleventh and twelfth menu items, press To get back to standby, press and hold Creating standby shortcuts You can create your own shortcuts and use To enter letters using multitap text input To k700k text, you have to be in a function To accept a word without adding a space, press word shown is not the one you want: Getting to know your phone File manul Items such as pictures, videos, sounds, themes and games are saved as files in folders.

All files that the phone cannot recognize are saved in the folder. The phone has several predefined folders. You can create your own subfolders in the predefined folders, to which you can move your saved files. Quick keys Useful key combinations are described below. Calling Calls, phonebook, voice control, call options. Making calls Before you can make or receive any calls, you must turn on the phone and be within range of a network.

Networks When you turn on the phone, it automatically selects your home network if this is within range.


Calling If you have saved the number in the phonebook, the name and number are displayed. If you have assigned a picture to a contact, the picture is also displayed. If the number is a restricted number, Withheld is displayed.

To answer a call Yes. Emergency calls Your phone supports the international emergency numbers,and This means that these numbers can normally be used to make an emergency call in any country, with or without a SIM card inserted, if a GSM network is within range.

In some countries, other emergency numbers may also be promoted. Calling Contacts or SIM numbers as default phonebook If you select to use contacts as default, your phonebook will show all information saved in contacts. If contacts is the default phonebook, you can choose to call from contacts or from the SIM card.

To call a contact Phonebook. Scroll to, or enter the first letters of the contact you want to call. Names and numbers that are saved on the SIM card are not deleted. Checking the memory With the memory status function in your phonebook, you can check how many positions you have left in the phone memory and SIM memory. Synchronizing contacts You can back up and synchronize your contacts with a phonebook on the Web.

Before voice dialling You must first activate the voice dialling function and record your voice commands. An icon appears next to a phone number that has a voice command. Calling The magic word You can record a magic word and use it as a voice command to allow totally handsfree access to voice dialling. Instead of pressing and holding a volume button to voice dial, you say the magic word and then one of your recorded voice commands.

The call is rejected.

The caller is diverted to voicemail, if activated, or hears a busy tone. Editing your voice commands You can keep all your voice commands up to date by re-recording them or deleting the ones you do not use. You are disconnected from both calls. Calling This may be useful if, for example, you want to keep business calls and private calls on separate lines.

You select which line you want to use for outgoing calls. All outgoing calls are made on this line until you change it.

Incoming calls can still be received on either line. Restricted dialling You can use the restrict calls service to restrict outgoing and incoming calls. This may be useful, for example, when you are abroad. To use this service, you need a password which you get from your service provider If you divert incoming calls, you cannot activate some Restrict calls options. Calling Call time and cost During a call, the duration of the call is shown on the screen.

If you subscribe to cost information, you can check the duration of your last call, outgoing calls and the total time. You can also check the cost of your last call and the total cost of your calls. Call priority service You can request a certain priority when you make a call, if your subscription supports the call priority service.

The priority levels are defined by your network operator and are normally within the range ofwhere 0 is the highest priority.

Notepad You can use the phone to make a k700j of a phone number during a call. Business cards You can add your own business card to the phonebook. You can exchange business cards between your phone and another similar phone, a PDA or a PC, using Bluetooth wireless technology, the infrared port, cable or a text or picture message.


If the service centre number is saved on the SIM card, it is shown in the list. While reading the text message you can, for k70i, go to a Web address found in the text message, save a picture found in the text message or listen to a sound inserted in the text message. Templates If you have one or more messages that you send often, you can save these as templates.

There are predefined templates in your phone, but you can also create your own templates. Before you start Before sending a picture message, make sure that: Additional send options Manuall can request a read receipt, a delivery report and set a priority for a specific message.

Sony Ericsson K700i Cell Phone User Manual

You can also add more recipients to the message. Messaging Email account settings An email account specifies, for example, the server that is used for your email messages. There are three ways to create an email account: The number of email messages that can be saved depends on memory left in the phone. All email messages are also saved majual your email server, and you can view both older and newer messages on the server.

The message is marked for deletion on the server. The message is deleted the next time you connect to your email server. My friends The My friends function gives you more options when messaging. Enter the first letters of the contact and then select a contact. Manuak is the Internet version of the user’s guide. Blocking contacts and strangers You can block a contact or stranger so that they cannot view your status or send you messages. Online contact manula You can select to be notified when a contact comes online.

The notification is indicated by an icon. When you log off, or when the contact has come online, the notification is cleared. Some content in picture messages might be difficult for the recipient to view. Before you send a picture or video clip using MMS make sure that: Before you send a picture or video clip using email make sure that: Imaging Rotate pictures If a picture is taken in landscape format, it can be rotated.

To send pictures in a picture message, the picture must be in portrait format. When changed, all video clips recorded will get the new default name.

Take a self-portrait Hold the phone as shown in the illustration. You can see your reflection in the mirror provided.

Press and hold on the side of the phone to activate the camera. Imaging Creating a panorama picture You can create a panorama picture by taking a series of three pictures that are merged into one picture. For best result when creating a panorama picture, make sure that the pictures you take overlap. You can now start to edit the picture. To edit pictures taken with the camera, you must select x as picture size.