Video. Murine Anastamosis Procedure Using the VITOM® System. This video compares a portion of an anastomosis procedure performed using standard. This collection of surgical videos provides a 2D demonstration of the enhanced surgical visualization achieved through KARL STORZ IMAGE1 S™ 3D system. This video, prepared by thoracic surgeon Sandeep Khandhar, illustrates a procedure in the left upper lob truncus branch using a degree view with the KARL.

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Performed by Michael J. Bipolar vaporization, enucleation and standard TUR. Renal and Adrenal Minilaparoscopy: This document is only available for registered users.

Overview of OR Setup: Go to the study: Additional information on the specialty. Quality and precision Quality is essential for professional results.

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These begin with challenges encountered in airway management, as well as problems that can arise while performing surgery and when closing.

For fluorescence diagnostics, the PDD system opens new dimensions for the early detection of bladder carcinomas.

Outstanding quality is ensured by precision manufacturing at cutting-edge production facilities and continuous quality assurance throughout and at the end of the production chain.

Our fiberscopes and uurology laryngoscopes provide solutions for the most difficult tracheal intubations of obese and bariatric patients. As a registered user, you will benefit from many advantages and additional information. Pediatric Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication.


Minimally invasive surgical MIS techniques have been used in the field of Otolaryngology for many years and continue to be used by surgeons. He provides background information and describes the design and functionality of the Hinni Laryngoscope and other regions during various transoral procedures for cancer. This purpose of this instructional presentation is to help surgeons in training or in practice to master laparoscopic suturing techniques.

This video begins with an introduction and an overview presented by Dr.

Bariatric and morbidly obese patients can pose a range of difficulties during laparoscopic procedures. There are few fields in which endoscopy cannot provide rapid, inexpensive information about the interior condition of an object — without requiring time-consuming disassembly or even destruction.

Video Intracorporeal Suturing and Knot Tying This purpose of this instructional presentation is to help surgeons in training or in practice to master laparoscopic suturing techniques.

Inspection of the abdominal cavity with a rigid endoscope during laparoscopic procedures has long been used in medicine to view abdominal and pelvic organs. Pediatrics, because yrology are not just small adults, pediatric patients pose special anatomical and pathological conditions that require specialized, sophisticated instrumentation for laparoscopic procedures.

Our products are designed for everyday professional use and enable remote visualisation of inaccessible objects. The rest is history. This value is used to determine whether the endoscope used is a wide angle, Since that time, the Industrial Group The catalotue common fields of application include: Our company Our company.


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As in the case of Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, these methods are widely thought of common practice. Service and repair are facilitated by a modular design.

Our focus, your scope. Open the catalog to page 3.

An additional factor concerning the direction of view is the angle of view, also called the field of vision or aperture angle. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Treatment, technology and economic efficiency All techniques can be performed with a bipolar working element by selecting the appropriate electrode Real bipolar system: Today, this range comprises more than 5, products designed for specific applications and covers the entire field of laparoscopic diagnostics and surgery, including products adapted to meet the needs of bariatric and pediatric surgery.

This video presents a procedure performed on a year-old male patient who underwent diagnostic colonoscopy because of some rectal bleeding. Open the catalog to page Karl Storz started to produce ENT instruments.