Make the Same Trades I Make in My Personal Account. It may surprise you but I do not make any of the trades recommended in the newsletters that I edit and. Weekly option trade recommendations, focuses on what Ken Trester calls “ undervalued options.” (Trester also writes Power Options Weekly, both seem to offer. About Ken Trester. Ken’s options success secret is startlingly simple. It’s a strategy basic to all investing. Ken only recommends cheap, underpriced options.

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Maximum Options | Stock Gumshoe

So when I sell naked put I do so only with stocks I am comfortable with owning. The Institute for Options Research Inc is solely responsible for the trading information contained in this advisory and no personal advice is offered to subscribers.

September 18, tresterr My Personal Portfolio Track Record. My Trades and Your Portfolio. That all ended in Maybad week after bad week. You may order one of two plans: No problems, I received it very promptly. This guy is either a total loser or he is a market maker taking the opposite side of his recommendations. I’ve lost money on stocks but not with writes. You may email us at editor completeoptions.

Franco marked it as to-read Apr 17, I have never been hit by a bad loss even during the crash of I know you understand the markets and that they fluctuate by tresterr minute so I cannot warrant that your profitability will be identical to mine.


And is there anyone tresster a back test with his rule to see if it is profitable after applying those rule?

I uploaded the previous six years of performance history to excel. I know that’s a big jump but if you can keep up with me I think you’ll see the monthly fee is more than worth it. The few options that are very liquid and trade volume and low spread are keneth not linked to shares that will provide great return. Books by Kenneth R.

Maximum Options

Just cancelled subscription, automatic billing, for a trial period. I diversify over many different trades and over time and so reduce the risk in selling put options.

Now this is critical — I only write 2 to 5 contracts on each position. March 1, The trades lose more money than they make. It’s a helpful and valuable tool to help you trade just like I do. In a moment I’ll describe my personal trades and how you can trade at my side.

Trading with Ken Trester

Delays in broadcast trestre KWKT may occur which are beyond our control and so may affect the prices you get. Margin requirements and your personal cash can limit the number of trades you can make. Of the 5 weekly trade recommendations the vast majority are losers. I will not send alerts if I allow the write to expire. And finally I also make some naked call writes. I do that by following my own advice. Learn how your comment data is processed.


This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

March 10, 4: We cannot and will not give individual or personal advice. You will also get an alert when I close a trade.

Every dime I invest is my future. I am wonder, other than signal service, does he provide education on his strategy? Kennetj skilled and disciplined naked option writer can generate healthy returns annually on his investment, and can normally do tredter consistently over a long period of time.

As a result the trades you make based on Ken Trester’s recommendations may or may not be made after Ken Trester has entered his trade.

December 5, 5: They were courteous and professional, there was no problem cancelling and getting a full refund as promised. Venkitachalam marked it as to-read Jun 10, Options are still traded by market makers, real sharks, and when the letter issues the reco, all the members jump at the same time. Second, I look for trades in the newsletter that are simple to implement with the highest degree of profitability. June 8, To ask other readers questions about Option Trading Secretskemneth sign up.