IJbrary of Confess Catalcguing-in-Publicalion Da/a Furr, Cirover C. (Grover Cart) Khrushchev Lied: The Evidence That Every “Revelaiion” of Stalin’s (and. Khrushchev Lied by Grover Furr; Published by Erythros Press and Media, LLC. Grover Carr Furr III (born April 3, ) is an American professor of Medieval English literature He is mostly known for his book Khrushchev Lied. The book.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. No meetings are allowed. Please review our notice regarding shipping before ordering. His desertion, at 9 p. Many khrushcehv of honest and innocent Communists have died as a result of this monstrous falsification of such “cases,” as a result of the fact that all kinds of slanderous “confessions” were accepted, and as a result of the pracdce of forcing fuer against oneself and others.

In fact, I made a far different discovery.

Khrushchev Lied by Grover Furr

It is completely consistent with a Rightist plot. Despite the fact that she told you khrrushchev she agreed to forget what was said, nevertheless Zinoviev and Kamenev heard about it from her.

Mishakova, the Komsomol worker Kosarev had pin- ponedly maltreated, had wrongly denounced him. The editors of this official volume note that the letter must be dated on or after February 25; that is, they relate it to Khrushchev’s Speech, which was delivered the same day.


Against revisionism: Khrushchev Lied by Grover Furr

Stalin did not even want to meet and talk to the Central Committee members. Having been warned by Ezhov, Uspensky fled arrest on No- vember 14, and feigned suicide by leaving a note that he would jump into the Dnepr river.

We can see this now thanks mainly to two sets of archival discoveries: This is consistent with Frinovskii’s statement a LubiMka. Grover Furr has spent a decade studying the flood of documents from formerly secret Soviet archives published since the end of the USSR.

In the first quotation he obviously has the “Secret Speech” in mind and calls Khrushchev a liar. Views Read Edit View history.

In this detailed study of Khrushchev’s speech he reveals the astonishing results of his research: It would not make any difference how thoroughly or carefully I cited evidence in support of my arguments. This claim has already been tackled by earlier historians and writers including Ludo Martens, in his book Another View of Stalinbut it is Furr who really puts it to bed, with reams and reams of primary sources to refute it.

I have no intention to forget so easily that which is being done against me; and I need not stress here that I consider as directed against me that which is being done against my wife. Eikhe blamed Ezhov, so it’s easy to see why Khrushchev omitted these passages.

It appears that Mikhail A. In it, we find such nuggets as this comment in a letter from Stalin to Shatunovsky:.


Grover Furr – Wikipedia

Rcuccnbiium, according tu the Pospclov Report of l-‘cb. Rather, it sets Kosarev’s arrest down to a personal hatred of him by Beria, for some negative things Ko sarev had reputedly said about Beria. Some of them will become clear in the discussion below.

Bui Khrushchev never mentioned it. This revealed a very ugly picture of brutal willfulness connected with the incorrect behavior of Stalin.

Sudarshan rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Khrushchev gives no evidence that it was passed “on Stalin’s initiative. Could Khrushchev have conveniently substituted Beria for Ezhov in his account?

Khrushchev and Pospelov covered them up too, for the sake of casting all the blame on Stalin and Beiia. Khrushchev never explicitly states, but strongly implies, that Stalin involved in this. I will now read these documents: Stalin 4 Khrushchev lic-d For me, as a scholar, this was a troubling and even unwelcome discovery.

Gorver of nationalities 97 A month and a khrushcgev before the killing, Nikolayev was arrested on the grounds of suspicious 40 Khrushchev lied behavior but he was released and not even searched. Further, many khrushcyev note that the police terror began to subside when Beria took over from Ezhov in