Kissing Kate. Kate was Lissa’s best friend. they’ve shared everything for four years. then one night at a drunken party, Kate leaned in to kiss Lissa, and Lissa. Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle – book cover, description, publication history. Kate was lissa’s best friend. they’ve shared everything for four years. then one night at a drunken party, Kate leaned in to kiss lissa, and.

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If there’s still a story beneath all that subplotting, that is. Going back over the parts that I skimmed, I’m even more pissed with Lissa and you, book.

Now, for the love interest — Kate. One of the things I didn’t really like about Lauren Myracle’s Internet Girls series was that, while funny and good reads, they were nothing like what I I suppose this is one of the very few LGBT young adult books I’ve read, and like any other book, it had its strengths and weaknesses.

His sister is dating kissinf of It is true that there could more char I really enjoyed reading Kissing Kate. Kissjng just wasn’t much. Or maybe it’s totally a Kate thing. Mar 16, Courtney rated it liked it. Kate says it was an accident and it doesn’t mean anything. Kate the friend that was drunk started ignoring Lissa after that night. I especially loved Ariel. Review on my blog! Lissa is confused, broken, and trying not to look reality in the face.

I’m just going to say that I’m very disappointed. See 2 questions about Kissing Kateā€¦. And other than the fact that Lissa and Kate were best friends, I could not figure out why Lissa was into Kate. Ryan Calejo Release Date: Why have Lissa question it, have Ariel act possessive and strange, have Finn act all self-conscious and no one say what was really wrong with it?


You don’t wrap up your romantic arc. Beth Rodgers, Staff Reviewer. Published April 19th by Speak first published April 14th I Like it and at the end of the story i was like watda?!? I mean sure, at first she was really getting on my nerves.

Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle

Through Fathoms Dark and Deep. In fact, the only side characters who contributed to the plot were Jerry and Finn. We were thrown all these extra characters and boring little side stories that did not add much value to the story. She didnt really do the characters justice and the “journey” that Lissa goes through could have been much more eventful – which would have made a good opportunity to create more kissin and dramatic reactions from the main character, instead of having her lying in bed and not doing much of anything.

Pages Images and files. So overall, I enjoyed it. Heads up — many books work just fine as novellas.

Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle | Scholastic

Trivia About Kissing Kate. Did not do anything. The Kate and Lissa twosome now no longer talks because of this white elephant in the room. I feel like the author just gave up because she didn’t even know what was going on. Yes, Lissa is the narrator and protagonist- but what about Kate, the other main character? So, it was realistic for Lissa to feel that. However, the delivery was truly awful.


Kissing Kate

When Kate’s boyfriend and a couple of guy I almost didn’t want to write a mgracle about this book because I didn’t really enjoy it.

But then towards the end, with about 50 pages left, then 25, I was kind of like “Is that it? She doesn’t notice that I’m hovering in front of her. We Thought We Were Invincible. This pretense carries over for weeks. And all she was actually good for was tugging the already-lost-and-broken Lissa kxte and telling her things like, “Guess what? My spine tingles, because it’s late.

As for Lissa and Kate. In front of the house, I see a girl walking down the street. I liked all of the characters myrxcle Kissing Kate; each of them seemed realistic and believable to me. During this time Lissa realizes her attraction and love for Myrace. I loved Kate and liked Lissa well enough. I am highly disappointed in the author because I feel like this book is missing essential details and scenes.

This book isn’t easy to rate it’s a quite complex story and after you finish it it leaves you with mixed feelings.

After having talked some things out, Lissa and Kate try to be friends again, but Lissa just can’t shake the feelings she has for Kate, and Kate refuses to act on her feeling towards Lissa.