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In the final bachelor thesis, a research of similar control units were done. During the check, the performance of individual components of the system has been checked and a check on the konkueentu video broadcast system has been performed. Conclusions are presented at the end of the work.

Vilnius,47 psl. We accomplish this with Unity game engine, a Node. Students name, surname Tomas Ionkurentu. End result — created system, which is capable of receiving input, processing it, and outputting to graphical user interface.

The main objective of the final thesis is to create an automatic soil koniurentu control system. These networks are tested by checking the bottle cap position. Work consists of 11 parts: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create the required software for the designed electrocardiograph.

The quantity of advertisement increases every year; therefore, dependence of the media konkurrntu on advertisers also increases analuze advertisement is the main source of revenue. Students name, surname Simonas Klimas. Item request has been placed! At the final stage of work, the interfaces that were created were tested in a variety of hacking cases. Thesis consist of 57 pages text without appendixes, 35 illustrations, 10 tables, 12 program code scrolls, 3 annexes.


Structural and functional schemes are created. Darbo apimtis — 71 p.

Njemačke kompanije napuštaju Rusiju

To achieve the goal, four tasks have been solved: In this paper it will be written about electronic tag control system, its creation and realization. Aptikimai yra matomi realiu laiku programos lange monitoriuje.

Kategorijski podatci predstavljeni su apsolutnim i relativnim frekvencijama. The main objective of this final thesis is to create the ionizing radiation background meter. Darbo apimtis — 75 p.

Examples of methods for representing a spatial object in virtual reality in Google Chrome browser window using “WebGL” and real-time management of the position of spatial object with an additional smart device. This bachelor thesis investigates the problem of online behavioral monitoring systems and the relevance of its data ionkurentu the success of an enterprise. I have designed and developed software, capable konkufentu utilizing out trained neural networks to perform dog detection on live camera feed and highlighting detected objects with a bounding box.

Creation of system architecture, functional, structure diagrams, algorithms.

The aim of the master’s thesis is to kon,urentu and investigate algorithms for detecting pedestrian in vehicle warning systems. The modular device will be capable of streaming live video, while the monitoring website will be capable of displaying that video, monitoring system also will be capable of display regular IP cameras.

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The data for system testing is prepared. Bootstrap was chosen because of its grid system. Master Thesis consists of 61 pages without annexes, 25 figures, 7 tables, 37 bibl.


Literature review of suitable methods is prepared. Market analysis is performed by assessing it’s current status and future predictions, possible interference and opportunities to consolidate our position in the market. Creating a database that uses the server to provide information for the graphical interface of the system.

Subject Wearable Electrocardiography Monitor. Bachelor’s thesis for informatics engineering degree. The aim of the final master’s thesis — research on oscillation stabilization methods for the nanosatellite ant adapt B-Dot method for the satellite stabilization. Carried out research of implemented algorithms and analysis of results. User login to the system, navigation between tabs, creating a new order, review of existing orders, search of orders or users, barcode scanner, and status of product.

Darbo apimtis — 49 p. Students name, surname Donatas Grigas.

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konkurebtu According to the automated wrapping machine schematics an experimental model was created which allows to test the system for the automated wrapping machine.

Management System for Manufacturing Company.

Android OS application was developed as user interface. Vilnius,59 pages, 34 illustrations.