prof. dr hab. Konstanty Adam Wojtaszczyk . KRYZYSY W PROCESIE INTEGRACJI EUROPEJSKIEJ Urzędu Komitetu Integracji Europejskiej”, nr Alojzy Nowak, Konstanty Adam Wojtaszczyk, Łukasz Zamęcki K. Michałowska- Gorywoda, Integracja europejska, Wolters Kluwer Polska, Warsaw , p. Integracja w dezintegracji i dezintegracja w integracji: determinanty mechanizmów integracyjnych w Unii Europejskiej. Authors. Curyło Barbara . WOJTASZCZYK Konstanty Adam, NADOLSKA Jadwiga (red.) (), Kryzysy w procesie.

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Colbourn, The Lamp of Experience: Newton, Trust, Social Capital…, p. Skip to main content. In fact, it would seem furopejska Putnam suggests that confidence in government is positively correlated with democracy.

Furthermore, the causative direction in the relation between democracy and economic development is still vehemently disputed.

Krytyka i systematyzacja, Warszawa. Simon Bulmer, Christian Lequesne red. The mean percentage of respondents expressing extreme confidence in government in the whole sample is This indicator can become an effective research tool, which may be utilized to describe the development of democratic states or, after certain modifications, to predict the possibility of regime change.

The examination conducted to answer the above research question expands the knowledge about the influence of mass attitudes on demo- cracy.

The key attitudinal researches on democracy are works by Inglehart,12 Muller,13 and Seligson Nevertheless, the problem clearly requires more research. This increases the overall R-squared score to 0. Clearly, controlling for GDP adds to the analysis of democracy and increases the predictive power of the whole regression. In Bowling Alone, he explicitly asks the question: Janusz Ruszkowski, Luiza Wojnicz red.


Furthermore, the study proposes a relatively strong attitudinal indicator of democracy that has not been used in the research conducted in this field so far. The sample is a purposive sample as it includes all the major europejskka, i.

This conclusion is reached after testing correlation between the extreme levels of confidence and democracy on a multinational sample. The Federal Republic of America was formed after a war against the central government in England5.

They maintain that democracy is influenced by three main types of factors: This answer is the highest possible score on a four point scale. However, many problems with establishing the direction of possi- ble causation and measuring the weight of wojtasszczyk and uneconomic factors are resolved, up to certain point, by Inglehart and Welzel This finding argues against some of the propositions of Robert Putnam.

The answers were rated on the following scale: The regression analysis europejdka all 54 states can be displayed on the following graph: Tomasz Grzegorz Grosse red. Tavits, Making Democracy Work More?

My sample consists of the following countries: Howe- ver, his research was based on a different sample and a set of different theoretical premises. Testing and interpretation To show the validity of extreme confidence in government as a tool for classifying states as specific types of regimes, first I compare the mean extreme confidence for the four categories of regimes. Log In Sign Up.

Whereas, Emanuel Todd in a well-k- nown critique of the American political regime24 describes family models as the key cultural factors explaining the differences among political regimes. This is due to the assumption that the European Union is a dichotomous construct in which integration and disintegration mutually exclude and complement each other.


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The classical economic approach was also applied by Seymour Lipset in his Political Man. Verba, The Civic Culture, Princetonp. Individual countries are the units of analysis. The relation is positive or there is no relation Methods and sample The dependent variable in this study is the democracy.

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It is a result greater than the R-squared only for GDP 0. Huntington, on the other hand, points to religious aspects of politics and democratization Finally, Putnam himself sees a certain dark side of the overgrown social capital and he tries to show that there is a fine line between confidence and blind trust.

The aim of the study is to test the hypothesis that the greater the number of citizens who display extreme confidence in government, the worse the quality of democracy.

Lenin, with a striking sincerity, admitted that his revolutionary plans would have fallen through if the prime minister Stolypin had succeeded in reforming Russia and creating a strong afflu- wojhaszczyk middle class Help Center Find new research papers in: Tadeusz Mo dawa Uniwersytet Warszawski Polityki sektorowe: Benjamin Leruth, Christopher Lord red.

In consequence, Christian Welzel concludes his study by saying: Gra yna Ulicka Uniwersytet Warszawski Systemy polityczne: