Three Short Stories by Kristina Sabaliauskait? She is the author of three run- away best-selling novels (Silva rerum, Silva rerum II, and Silva rerum III), covering. Art historian Kristina Sabaliauskaitė is currently the most widely read living Lithuanian fiction author. Her tetralogy of historical novels, Silva Rerum (–16 ). Occupation Novelist art historian. Genre Historical, Nationality Lithuanian Notable works Silva rerum. Kristina Sabaliauskaitė Kristina Sabaliauskait Vikipedija.

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In she debuted with sabsliauskait historical novel ‘Silva Rerum’ published by Baltos Lankos Publishers about the life of a noble Narwoysz family inthe period after The Deluge.

Kristina Sabaliauskaitė

The Latvian translation of ‘Silva Rerum’ was published in to rave reviews, comparing si,va to the work on the level of Salman Rushdie and Krisfina Eco. Nancy, Vienna, Krakow, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Paris and London are the destinations of his travels where he meets the sovereigns of Europe, the world renowned scientists and the intelectual women, observes the miracles of music and theatre that transform the arts, experiences the forbidden love and brings back to Vilnius the most progressive scientific ideas and trends of the Enlightenment.

Was this the plan of the Omnipotent Lord? In it was officially listed among the 10 most memorable Lithuanian books ailva the past decade.

I believe, that many of you are familiar with a feeling, when you see the remains of the past in museums and you simply cannot imagine those shrunken and fragile relics of the past belonging to real, alive people.

Baltic Countries Market Focus Girish Mahajan Editor Im a travel junky who loves to gain knowledge coz u know knowledge is power.


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She worked as a foreign correspondent and columnist for Lithuania’s biggest daily newspaper. Novelistart historian. The essence of this book is also a poetry.

And you cannot escape the Death in Vilnius. Our historical novel is in very safe and talented hands.

Catch our delegation of fabulous Baltic writers in conversation at Olympia. Intended from the beginning as a tetralogy, the subsequent parts of this noble family saga each of them describing one Narwoysz family generation were published – ‘Silva Rerum II’14 editions, about the Great Plague of and the Great Northern War’Silva Rerum III8 editions, set in the midth century and exploring the origins of the legend of the Righteous Proselyte of VilnaAbraham ben Abraham and the Great Fires of and ‘Silva Rerum IV’5 editions, the final part of the tetralogy about the Enlightenment and the period from to Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth partitions in A very successful step into different genre.

But after reading the final, fourth part, I dare say: The personal attitudes of the characters reveal universal things She does not has to jump over the heads of others because she holds the greatest power of prose.

You have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold on you, and the right to ask us to correct any inaccuracies in that information. Her stories flow easily and she is not keen on artificial stylistic adornments nor wants to prove that the literature of quality has to be hard to read. This book gives you sensual, intelectual and cognitive pleasure.

Though some critics acuse her of flirting with the popular literature, the novel has caused a furor among the readers.

She worked as a foreign correspondent in London and columnist for Lithuania ‘s biggest daily newspaper until Our poetryadvent pick for today promises spiritual fulfilment and will put you on the path to happiness.


In Vilnius Wilno Vilna: Kristina Sabaliauskaite’s “Silva Rerum”, Bernardinai. Behind the storytelling there is the intertextual level – author gives hints to certain events, recognisable characters and thus the story evolves as something kfistina different.


I must confess I have not read such alluring prose in a long time, it is impossible to tear oneself off this book. Views Read Edit View history. Ssbaliauskait with actual historical events and characters, SILVA RERUM is set in 17th century Samogitia and Vilnius and narrates the fate of the Narwoysz family, a gripping story of fatal love, deeply rooted superstitions, freedom of will and what it takes to look in the eye of the Vilnius Basilisk — the legendary creature with a lethal glance.

The critics sklva that the sequel is even more impressive sabaliauskaih the debut novel, noting that ‘here we encounter the literature which transgresses the conventional boundaries and speaks about the essential, fundamental cultural experiences’ [6]’Sabaliauskaite has created a refined historical novel in a form that encapsulates the epoch. We will process your personal information based on your consent. LitBritish We know you’ve been waiting on tenterhooks for this: Enter your email address to subscribe: It is for a reason she is compared to Marquez – due to the sensuality and magical atmosphere, and to Umberto Eco – due to erudition and the play with conventions.