La muette de Portici () – French libretto – German translation – Spanish .. La Traviata () – Italian libretto – Spanish translation – German translation. The Prince / Il Principe – Bilingual Edition: English – Italian / Edizione bilingue: The Prince / Il Verdi’s La Traviata – Opera Journeys Libretto Series. Burton D. Handel libretto we can trace the moral and social concerns of the .. A Midsummer Night’s Dream, La traviata and disposizione un libretto bilingue). Ma.

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Composers Operas Links Forum About. In the background a door, opening to another room. There are two other lateral doors; to the left, a fireplace with a mirror over the mantel. In the centre of the room, a huge table richly laden. Violetta bilinguf seated on a sofa, talking with Dr Grenvil and other friends.

Some of her friends go to greet various guests as they arrive.

La verbena de la Paloma

Among them, the Baron and Flora, escorted by the Marquis. You have come late. Surely the evening is livelier with good food and drink? Violetta seduta su un divano sta discorrendo col Dottore e con alcuni amici, mentre altri vanno ad incontrare quelli che sopraggiungono, tra i quali libreetto Barone e Flora al braccio del Marchese.

I give myself to pleasure, since pleasure is the best medicine for my ills. ALL Indeed, life is doubly heightened by pleasure.

Servants are busily engaged at the table. My dear Viscount, thank you for this gift. Meanwhile the traviatta have finished setting librftto table. A servant nods in affirmation. I servi frattanto avranno imbandite le vivande. Nel frattempo i servi hanno finito di preparare la tavola. ALL Well spoken – secret cares fly before that great friend, wine. They take their places at the table. Violetta is seated between Alfredo and Gastone. Facing her Flora takes her place between the Marquis and the Baron.

The remaining guests take their various places around the table. A moment of silence as the food is served. Violetta and Gastone are bilinguee to each other. It is at table that the heart is gayest. I am nothing to him. Violetta e Gastone si sussurrano.


Nulla son io per lui. You, Baron, were less attentive. I think he’s very pleasant. Voi, barone, non faceste altrettanto. ALL Let us drink. The Baron shakes his head. I have it already in my heart. ALL Yes, to the poet. Il Barone accenna di no. Drink to the thrilling sweetness brought to us by love, for these fair eyes, irresistibly, indicating Violetta pierce us to the heart.

Drink – for wine will warm the kisses of love. ALL Drink – for wine will warm the librettto of love. Let bilinfue be joyful, for love is a fleeting and short-lived joy.

A flower which blossoms and fades, whose beauty is soon lost forever. Be joyful – a caressing voice invites us warmly to joy. Be carefree – for lw and song with laughter, embellish the night. The new day breaking laa find us still in this happy paradise.

Godiam, c’invita un fervido accento lusinghier. ALL Be carefree – for wine and song with laughter, embellish the night. The next day breaking will find us still in this happy paradise. The sound of music is heard, coming from an adjoining room.

ALL How kind of you! We accept with pleasure. As they are going out through the centre door, Violetta suddenly turns pale. ALL What is the matter?

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S’ode musica dall’altra sala. ALL Why have you stopped here? She takes a few steps, but then is forced to stop again and to sit down. ALL Heavens, what can it be? Go on – please – there. She points towards the other room.

List of Libretti for Operas by Composer –

librteto All except Alfredo go into the other room. Tutti passano all’altra sala, meno Alfredo. Is there anyone to care for me? Si volge e si accorge di Alfredo. Ha forse alcuno cura di me? I had forgotten this great love. Have you no heart? One day you traviatq before me, happy and light as air, and ever since that day, even without knowing it, I loved you – with that love which is the very breath of the universe itself – mysterious and noble, both cross and ecstasy of the heart.


E in voi v’ha un core? Non potreste allora celiar. I cannot love, nor can I accept so heroic a love from you. I am simple and frank. You must find another. It won’t be hard, then, for you to forget me. What the devil are you doing? Do you accept the pact? I shall leave you. Solo amistade io v’offro: Io sono franca, ingenua; altra cercar dovete; non arduo troverete dimenticarmi allor. Sta ben bilingeu restate. Vi garba il patto?

Alfredo goes out as the other guests return to the drawing room, flushed from dancing. ALL Dawn is breaking in the sky and we libretti leave.

Thank you, gentle lady, for this delightful evening.

The city is filled with parties, the season of pleasure is at its height. We shall sleep now, to regain our strength for another night of joy.

His words are burned upon my heart! Would a real love be a bolingue for me?

What decision are you taking, oh my soul? No man has ever made me fall in love. What joy, such as I have never known – loving, being loved! And can I scorn it for the arid nonsense of my present life? Alfredo esce mentre gli libreto ospiti ritornano nel salotto accaldati dalle danze. In core scolpiti ho quegli accenti! Saria per me sventura un serio amore? Che risolvi, o turbata anima mia? Null’uomo ancora t’accendeva – O gioia ch’io non conobbi, esser amata amando!

E sdegnarla poss’io per l’aride follie del viver mio? Ah, perhaps he is the one whom my soul, lonely in billngue tumult, loved to imagine in secrecy! Watchful though I never knew it, he came here while I lay sick, awakening a new fever, the fever of love, of love which is the very breath of the universe itself – Mysterious and noble, both cross and ecstasy of the heart.