Cartoon History of the Universe Volumes [Larry Gonick] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cartoon History of the universe vol an. Why begin earlier than the birth of the universe? Includes the evolution of life on earth, the origin of sex, the first humans, the early civilizations of the Middle East, . Volumes 14 – From the Rise of Arabia to the Renaissance. Includes pre- Islamic Arabia, the life of Muhammad and spread of Islam, history of Africa before .

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I was bored by the Greek stories, which makes up that latter part of the book, if only because I am familiar with Greek history through my studies of its philosophy.

British “comic” on human history, from the Big Bang up to Alexander’s conquest. Views Read Edit View history. Number out of on my all time book list.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. View all 3 comments. Gonick’s work is not the first comic history in English: If you like his stuff, fartoon like this. Gonick chose this subject because he understands fonick people often dislike history, and associate it with the sensation of reading a boring textbook, and he wanted to change this.

Lucu tanpa mengurangi logika. He reports both the greatness of human achievement and acknowledges humanity’s savagery. Every child in the world should be given this on their 7th birthday so they can keep revisiting it their whole lives. Overly obsessed with sex, focused on minutae, and at times offensive to my Christian viewpoint I often felt that Gonick was accusing ANYINE with religious convictions of being dim-witted and gullible.

Some of these primary sources are national epics, cultural writings, or holy scripturessuch as Homer ‘s Iliadthe Rig Veda of India, and the Bible. While seeking a book publisher, Gonick received early support from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassiswho worked as an editor at Doubleday and championed The Cartoon History of the Universe’ lxrry publication.


Cartoon History of the Universe 1

It talks about how fair-skinned aryans came from the Nordic region with horses and conquered pretty much every ancient civilisation from the black Egyptians to the dark-skinned dravidians in the Indus Valley. Comedy portal Comics portal History portal. American comic strips comics debuts Historical comics Comics tje time travel Educational comics Humor comics books 20th-century history books Universal history books American comics titles Series of books Books about civilizations Non-fiction comics Harvey Award winners for Best Graphic Album of Original Work.

The Cartoon History of the Universe is a book series about the history of the world.

Cartoon History of the Universe III | Larry Gonick

In this way he prompts his readers also to read the primary sources. Consistently enthusiastic in tone, Gonick cartoom each collection’s bibliography to promote historical literacy. There are nine issues.

I am not sure how much of it is accurate. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. I was looking to expand my knowledge about world history, and this book is an immense help in building a solid mind-map for the same.

For example, one cartoon panel depicts the barbarism of a group of Huns who had elephants herded off a cliff for their sadistic enjoyment. Sep 08, Dawn Livingston rated it it was ok Shelves: Refreshing, belajar sejarah jadi gak perlu serius banget. Books by Larry Gonick. The strangeness univrese Egyptian history. The Cartoon History of the Universe: The good news, however, is that his skepticism typically amounts to the rather facile type of junior-highesque nay-saying that can be answered fairly easily.

Cartoon History of the Universe 1 Vol. I’m now much more interested in history than I was before, and plan to dig into the bibliography when my current reading backlog of terrifying size is finished. Kind cartkon inappropriate for a History book This gonico relies too much on references to primary sources.

The Cartoon History of the Universe II

Jun 20, Samridh Kudesia rated it it was amazing. Cannot wait to read the rest of the series. His tribute to Asterix is explicit.


This is a really fun—and actually quite comprehensive—historical overview. I was thinking, “this would have been nice to read when I was 12” many times throughout the book because od covers a lot of the material I drudged through in public school middle school age View all 12 comments.

An Einstein -like Professor representing Gonick’s authorial voice prepares to travel in his time machine to whatever place or era the chapter is about. Also noteworthy is Gonick’s use of caricature. The old testament volume was interesting, as I contrasted it to my reading of Genesis, many of the historical conjecture as filtered through Gonick seems much more reasonable than goniick Bible’s account. I would have preferred more in depth discussion on early civilizations like Sumer.

To provide one example, his gonicl of the episode between Elijah yistory the priests of Baal is all “Oh sure. San Francisco-based underground comix publisher Rip Off Press began publishing The Cartoon History of the Universe in lagry, with the first six issues being published by I would strongly recommend this book, Larry Gonick, as an author in general, because it sucks you in and really ingrains the ideas into your head.

Everything one needs to know about the world’s beginning, from the formation of the planet, the start of life, the different scientific eras, dinosaurs, early life, evolution of man, wars, vonick, cultures, religions, etc. Menarik, seperti jilid III. I think one criticism of this book is that Gonick seems confident in his opinion and either writes off other opinions who doesn’t discuss them at all.

Jun 05, Andrew rated it really liked it Shelves: If you’re a noob in history like me, you may want to give this one a try. I’m glad I read it, and there are a few parts if the Greek history that I’d like to use in teaching, but overall, I’m thoroughly unimpressed.