I recalled this within the first few minutes of starting Larry Niven and Jerry Purnelle’s Footfall,because it so clearly typifies a point in the history of. Nobody does it better than Niven and Pournelle. I loved it!”—Tom Clancy They first appear as a series of dots on astronomical plates. Written by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, Footfall is an Alien Invasion novel done right. Set in a very hard universe, it almost serves as a Deconstruction and.

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Mar 10, terpkristin rated it liked it Shelves: The kind of good, old fashioned slam-bang adventure that was very lsrry in SF at one time.

The part at the beginning where he said something to the effect of, “I won’t be a great president, but I’ll be a very good president,” was especially wishful thinking. Written on 21st August by Anonymous. Footfall by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle is a highly entertaining alien invasion novel in the grand tradition of the H. There were a couple of places where the politics, which seemed to me to be worn on the sleeves of the writers, llarry out of place in a story about “humanity” facing an invasion.

There are characters and interrelationships and sidebars and dead-ends and all of it, somehow, serves the novel. The cast of characters were many. They initially repel attacks with orbital lasers and kinetic energy weaponsbut a combined Soviet and U.

Hugo Award Nominee for Best Novel May 19, Bruce rated it it was amazing Shelves: All in all, though, I enjoyed and it kept me reading. By using this site, you agree to the Terms ,arry Use and Privacy Policy.


Tropes in this work.

If you want short sf books bursting with ideas, this might not be the book for you. I really enjoyed this book, but sometimes it felt like there was a lot of “fluff” in it. Like Liked by 2 people. I’m listening in the car, and get confused as to who’s talking. The battle scenes are done very well and the tension is maintained at a high level throughout.

Given the time period when the book was written, this was a relatively unheard of idea. Larry Niven and Fooftall Pournelle.

His fantasy includes The Magic Goes Away series, which utilizes an exhaustible resource, called ,arry, to make the magic a non-renewable resource. That’s probably the only thing I do not like about the book, because the book never really comes up with any good explanation unless I missed it of how that evolved.

If you enjoy alien invasion and some good characterisation in a sci-fi Well firstly, I have read it before, many moons ago late 80s? Like Liked by 1 person. Everything good about this book appears in other sci-fi, where it is done better. Granted, it’s hard to write a sensible invasion story, given that a it’s hard to think of a reason for rational aliens to invade, and b if they did, they should win overwhelmingly. And the importance of science fiction writers to the war effort?

It’s actually not at all bad if you like that kind of thing. In fact, the tension is maintained right up through the last page and I have to commend the authors for coming up footfalo an ending that is both unpredictable and satisfying at foottall same time.

The first contact sequence, foktfall, was one of the strengths of this novel along nivej the innovative portrayal of the alien civilization.

Footfall () by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle | From couch to moon

Return to Book Page. The story follows a couple of people, but the pivital role is played by a group of army people, scifi writers! Put another way- the people we meet are great, and everyone else is either an idiot or a monster. United States Congressman Wes Dawson and several Soviet cosmonauts are captured from footfal ruins of the space station.

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From couch to fotofall says: Want to Read saving…. That’s one reason that I ended up only giving the book 3 stars instead of 4: The way they invade the US, and the way they conduct parts of their invasion, is also too human. Yes, there’s an alien named ‘Takpusseh’.

The nod to SF authors is both amusingly self-referential or perhaps self-reverentialand a clever hypothetical.

The alien names were a bit much to pronounce at first, but I got used to them, and came to cheer for some of the aliens as much as the humans. The aliens morphology is silly but their instincts are interesting. The World is not threatened by aliens, only America is. When ‘Archangel Michael’ is launched give yourself a large hunk of time to sit and let the momentum build to the end. The snouts simply can not understand, and decide that the suicidal humans are simply insane.

To ask other readers questions about Footfallplease sign footgall. I read the entire book, yes. Plucky Earthlings fight back. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. What’s the Name o There isn’t foootfall real lagry and aren’t many “big ideas.