(Hemiptera: Coreidae) Host:This pest feeds on a variety of graminaceous plants, e.g. rice, wheat, sugarcane, maize, millets, bajra etc. Flowering rice is the. PDF | On Jan 1, , M A R A Mandanayake and others published OCCURRENCE OF LEPTOCORISA ACUTA (THUNBERG) (HEMIPTERA. Leptocorisa acuta (Thunberg). Taxonomic position. Insecta: Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Alydidae. Common names. Rice earhead bug, paddy bug. Habitat / Crop(s).

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When they are freshly deposited, eggs are a cream-yellow color, turning to a reddish-brown after approximately one week. Biology and management of rice insects.

Leptocorisa oratoria – Wikipedia

Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities, 6 3 Srivastava and Saxena recommend clean cultivation of bunds around paddy fields, and periodic burning of grass grown on the bunds and in fallow fields, to prevent breeding leptovorisa the rice bug and reduce the numbers infesting the next crop. Natural mortality of leaffooted bug Hemiptera: Journal of Applied Entomology Leptocorisa acuta adults are long mm and slender mm wide. The characteristic damage is called chaffy grains. An adult rice bug, Leptocorisa acuta Thunburg.


Rice seed bug When injuries accumulate, the plant becomes stressed, leptpcorisa can lead to growth retardation of the grains and some grain and plant deformation.

Corbett noted that adults can disperse by flying from plant to plant in a field, but do not appear capable of sustained flight. Adults may live up to 69 days. Reji G, Chander S. Alternate host plants and hibernation of the rice bug Leptocorisa acuta in North Bengal.

Waterhouse, ; EPPO, ReevesUniversity of Florida. Like most websites we use cookies.

Simultaneous crop maturity in all fields in an area reduces rice lsptocorisa damage. Datasheet Leptocorisa acuta rice seed bug. Pentatomidae and Leptocorisa acuta Thunberg Heteroptera: They do not bore a hole through the rice hull but enter the grain through the space between the lemma and the palea.

Leptocorisa acuta, Rice earhead bug, Paddy stink bug

Damaged florets may drop. It is believed that after the rice is harvested, the bugs overwinter in wild grasses or other grass crops.


Role of Leptocorisa acuta Thun. Distribution Table Top of page The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. Puncture holes also serve as points of entry for several plant pathogens, such as the fungus that causes sheath rot disease.

Due to its ,eptocorisa distribution in other rice-producing countries, Leptocorisa acuta is a potential invasive pest for the U. They prefer rice at the milk stage but also feed on soft and hard dough rice grains. Rice Entomology Newsletter, No.

paddy bug, Leptocorisa acuta Hemiptera: Alydidae

Application of granules of carbofuran or diazinon has also been found effective. Heteroptera of Economic Importance.

Laboratory and field studies of natural attractant of the rice pest, Leptocorisa acuta Hemiptera, Coreidae. Such damage causes discoloration of the grains, which reduces market quality. EU pesticides leptocorlsa www.