Lewis Sperry Chafer (February 27, – August 22, ) was an American theologian. . Chafer’s Systematic Theology is a standard dispensational systematic theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. Lewis Sperry Chafer wrote, ” These. The appearance of the eight-volume work in Systematic Theology by President Lewis Sperry Chafer of Dallas Theological Seminary is without question an. Lewis Sperry Chafer’s complete and unabridged Systematic Theology is back! Warm, practical, often devotional, and entirely Christ-centered, Chafer’s work is a .

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The inroads of higher criticism on the doctrine of the inspiration anid infallibility of Scripture and the current indifferentism and secularism in the organized church have reduced the recent notable theological works to a trickle.

Its form of treatment, method of interpretation, and unabridged character have no parallel. Ironside Eugene Merrill J.

Their marriage lasted until she died in Follow the Blue Letter Bible on: The need for a new definitive work in systematic theology which would be unabridged, premillennial, dispensational, and following a literal interpretation of Scripture became imperative. While it is impossible within reasonable limits to reproduce the scope of contents, the contribution of each volume may be considered in its separate presentation.

The contribution of President Chafer in the field of soteriology has been hailed as the most important of all his theological works.

Volume V Christology Having treated the doctrine of Christ in theology proper and soteriology, President Chafer presents here the entire doctrine systematically in new form and additional content.

Individual instructors or editors may still require the use of URLs. Did you forget your password? Gradually the doctrines of the new movement came to be known by the name of Lewjs and by similar titles.

A Review of Lewis Sperry Chafer’s “Systematic Theology” |

Cookie Notice Our website uses cookies to store user preferences. He That Is Spiritual: The appearance of sperrj eight-volume work in Systematic Theology by President Lewis Sperry Chafer of Dallas Theological Lweis is without question an epoch in the history of Christian doctrine. Please provide a valid Email Error: For the first time modern Fundamentalism has been systematized in an unabridged systematic theology. It concerned itself largely with correcting these abuses by a return to the Scriptures.


Chafer served as systematc of the seminary and professor of Systematic Theology from until his death. Retrieved May 6, The value of a doctrinal summarization is apparent. Pages are intact and are not marred by notes or highlighting, but may contain a neat previous owner name. The movement was not without its excesses, but it came as a refreshing breath of new life to Biblical interpretation.

The doctrine is presented in such a complete way that it is difficult to make adequate comparisons.

No one can question that these works shaped the theological thinking of their systematif and successive generations and played a large part in the formation of creeds still recognized today.

In the course of time, this new interest in Bible study and the new recognition that the Bible was intended to be understood by all Christians in its apparent literal meaning gave rise to many new groups. The saving work of God and the doctrine of eternal security occupy the fourth and fifth sections.

Skip to main content. Author Lewis Sperry Chafer. He aided Scofield in establishing the Philadelphia School of the Bible in The positions of Christ, Llewis offices, His sonship, the hypostatic union, and the sufferings of Christ are included in this discussion.

August 22, aged 81 Seattle, WashingtonU.

The Work as a Whole

This article was taken from the Theological Journal Library and posted with permission of Galaxie Software. In general following the chronological pattern, the preincarnate person and work of Christ are considered first. The book is a paperback. In eschatology, amillennialism became more vocal, divided into different systems of interpretation within themselves, and postmillennialism, an offshoot of Socinianism, came into vogue.


For those who would be instructed in what are the proper inclusions of premillennialism it provides an ordered statement of the doctrine as a whole such as has never been provided in one work before. The sufferings and death of Christ and the resurrection which followed are treated historically and doctrinally. Handing Off the Baton 2 Timothy 4: A thorough discussion follows on the ascension and heavenly session of Christ—material often omitted from theologies. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat The value of this volume to those seeking material on a particular subject is obvious.

Lewis Sperry Chafer – Wikipedia

For the first time these doctrines have been reduced to a written system of theology, related to theological problems, and expanded into all the fields in which revelation has provided teaching. Like the volume in Christology, Pneumatology is complete chhafer itself and at the same time gathers together previous material in the series on the subject.

Considered first are His birth, childhood, baptism, temptation, transfiguration, miracles, and His extensive teachings.

Without any organizational unity, a system of doctrine gradually developed, greatly aided by the widespread use of the Scofield Reference Biblethe teachings of Bible institutes, prophetic conferences, and summer Bible conferences. As a product of a lifetime of study, the work has been tested and tempered through years of classroom and public ministry in which the author was recognized internationally as an outstanding expositor of the Scriptures.

Square — [Jhn 1: The need for a new definitive work in systematic theology which would be unabridged, premillennial, dispensational, and following a literal interpretation of Scripture became imperative.