ads/File/Ligji date · pdf entities. Annual financial statements: Law for Companies Art · documents/ligjipdf. 2. Argita Malltezi, E drejta tregtare e shoqërive shqiptare, Mediaprint – 3. Ligji nr. i datës “Për tregtarët dhe shoqëritë Tregtare”, Botim i. other currencies (based on market request). The minimum capital requirement for domestic and foreign LLCs has been significantly reduced, by Law No.

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Pursuant to Article 35, it is also mandatory to notify the value of the signed charter capital, the number of equity shares, the nominal value of each share, the participation in capital, the value and type of contributions of each partner, and whether the initial subscribed capital is paid or not.

Limited liability company llc.

Specific banks may also permit other currencies based on market request. View new Ligjk regulations data. These documents, depending on the law or practice of a foreign country, may be issued by one or two different state entities.

Supporting Documentation – Identity document of the natural person if he is the applicant. Any company in Albania may freely open and maintain bank accounts in foreign currency.

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The tables below summarize the key indicators for each topic and benchmark against regional and global averages. Definition and sources of business law. The student should be knowledgeable and understand the various legal problems faced by business organizations, various commercial transactions and propose solutions to them. The titles of the subjects are; Commercial undertaking, commercial affairs and results, merchant, trade register, unfair competition, classification of companies, Stock Corporation, negotiable instruments.

Key aspects of legal ligki on commercial companies. Entrepreneurs can complete company, tax, social insurance, health insurance, and labor directorate registrations using a single application procedure with the NRC.

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The European Journal of Law and Political Sciences, Issue 4/2016

Effective communication, argumentation and analysis of legal issues in general. Signature specimens of persons representing the branch or representative office in relation to third parties Article The objective of the subject “Business Law” is equipping ligij student with legal knowledge on business practices.

Branches and Representative Offices of Foreign Companies. Main laws for this indicator Main laws English.

QBZ – Qendra e Botimeve Zyrtare

They gain knowledge about marketing and production. The invalidity regime of commercial companies and their acts.

They learn how to benefit from mathematical and statistical methods used in business management. Skills of understanding the requirements for designing a business unit or environment.

The supporting documents official or private of foreign jurisdictions must be filed together with a certified translation into Albanian. Identify how the logistics systems can be configured to support global logistics strategy. A foreign company is not required to seek investment approval, although, if it wants to engage in international trade, it must register with the customs system in order to import goods.

If the applicant is different from the legal representative of the branch, the Power of Attorney must be filed. Course Duration Including the exam week: Supporting Documentation – The Establishment Act and the Articles of Association, when these are two separate documents or, in their absence, the equivalent act of establishment, according to foreign legislation, as well as their full text with subsequent changes – Documentation confirming the registration of a foreign company in foreign jurisdiction – Documentation certifying the current status of a foreign company, issued within a period of not more than 90 days from the date of application, with registration and representation data, including information on whether it is in liquidation or bankruptcy – Balance sheet of the foreign company for the last financial year, kept according to the required standards in a foreign country, if the foreign company has been active for more than one year – Decision or other acts of the relevant body of the foreign company, according to foreign legislation for the opening of branch or representative office.


For the initial registration of branches and representative offices of foreign companies, the following information is obligatory: For the initial registration of a joint stock company, except as provided in Article 32 of Law no. The students are expected to gain the skills of understanding, analyzing, explaining and using the fundamental concepts of Business Administration. Ability to effectively use technological devices IT systems and modern techniques in managing a business environment successfully.

Information on Foreign Businesses Legal Reference: For the initial registration of branches and representative offices of foreign companies, the following information is obligatory:. Apply the techniques and concepts of information system for warehousing, distribution, and transportation. The mandatory data for the registration of commercial companies are as follows: Hours for off-the-classroom study Pre-study, practice. Recognition of relations between stakeholders in business.

Gain knowledge on possible legal problems in commercial companies. They gain knowledge about accounting and finance. Ease of establishment index They gain knowledge about management and organization.

Identification data of persons responsible lkgji the administration and representation of the branch or representative office in relation to third parties, representation powers ligjo appointment terms.

The duration of the branch or representative office, if this is specified, the scope of branch or representative office activity, lihji this is specified. The minimum capital requirement for domestic and foreign LLCs has been significantly reduced, by Law No. Other acts required for establishment, according to the legislation in force.