Every so often, we must remember to download and install the latest help file manually from net/#help. Download the most. Go to the web site net/, click on Program Files, then in . No radio CAT control – Frequency/Band/Mode to be entered manually. Welcome to Logger32, a bit logging program written by Bob manual editing labor of love if you require your log to look correct or you.

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The additional info is useful!

mznual Important Please read this Installation Guide carefully to familiarize yourself with safe and effective usage.

The sort happens quickly but does not leave the cursor and display on the previously-selected QSO line right after the sort, which is the Windows default. To set up the UDP log-update facility:. All product names are trademarks.

Drag and size it to your liking: Creating templates and slide masters in PowerPoint These days, it is not enough to create a presentation with interesting and exciting content; you have to create one with interesting and exciting. Repeat for the Rcvd Field.

Help Files

Refresh that backup periodically, especailly after making any major changes. It is accurate to within a few milliseconds on my PC, as far as I can tell. Gary has many useful tips for installing and using Logger LoTW incorporates controls to minimize the possibility of fraud and [data] corruption.


But please do your bit by checking in three places first:. A special Band Map window in Logger32 is also made available to the user which shows the status of the stations heard by WSJT-X new country, new band, already worked, etcetera. The program is a pig to set up by trial-and-error but I found a combination that worked. VQ9anything is on Chagos Is.

Normally, for a few tens of QSOs, they are processed before the next screen loads. Pointless confirmation clicks are annoying, especially in the program functions that I use frequently e. Microsoft Lync Contents Installing Lync This will enable similar worked callsigns to appear as you enter a callsign which if working for a second time, can be selected from the list to speed up callsign entry. Spreadsheet Methods 5N 3. This will create a. It will allow Logger32 to recognize the “oddball” calls that sometimes get used for Dxpeditions and other “events”.

To set it up:.

English Help Files info – download. GoodReader User Guide Version 1. Andy, K3UK Thanks also go out to Andy K3UK for providing a high bandwidth download location to host the large install and help files in the past from to The application helps you find, organize and manage your photos, videos and music on your PC. Post this to ARRL HQ by registered mail or courier to reduce the chances of it being stolen and used for identity theft.

Next read the help inside Logger I call mine “Local”. PowerPoint PP More information.

Logger32 |

Clublog offers a similar download-your-log function. This was particularly relevant during the Jubilee and Olympics year. Contents What Is PowerPoint? However, like all software, Logger32 is not totally free of issues. A USB Driver may be required loggre32 normally is readily available lohger32 the same source as the cable. Select eg pink and then click OK. Please ensure you are logged in to Windows as loger32 Administrator before carrying out the instructions in More information.


Windows has its own built-in capability to synchronize the clock to an Internet time server but it is quite lame. Configure the Cluster User program to serve spots on the local machine like having your very own cluster in the shack. Finally, click the red and white cross at top right to close the window and return to logging.


This allows all slides to be formatted at once. This guide explains how to access and use the OneDrive for Business cloud based storage system and Microsoft Office Online suite of products via a web browser. Create a Folder More information. Scroll down the list to find the normal prefix for Desecheo, KP5, and click that line to bring up a database edit window:.

These became my evaluation criteria. The Logger32 community is grateful for this kind gesture and appreciate the continued support with this high bandwidth hosting service. This FAQ is a work-in-progress.