Hi list, Is there any video version of HDM`s Black-Hat talk available out topics in slides, ant it`s just get more interesting when HDM present it. Racket (fast ruby packet decoder). General ruby libs like net::dns. LORCON . Moxie Marlinspike SSL null-byte attack revealed at Blackhat. SSL certs validated . Connect with this designer on Dribbble, the best place for to designers gain inspiration, feedback, community, and jobs worldwide.

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I’m curious to see Microsoft’s response to this, such as complaining to the editor. Moreover, if proper authentication and encryption are enabled, then you can’t actually remotely exploit them without first logging on.

Nobody likes the forum trolls, and therefore nobody is going to stand up for their rights. Marwan Al-Namari Week So if the attacker controls L Attackers on the wireless network may cause arbitrary code execution Description: Most users don’t seem to be experiencing the near Wi-Fi-like performance that the 3G spec promises.

Wednesday, March 07, PayPal security token…not ready for prime time yet? The decision to discontinue working blacohat Apple was made after incorrect statements were made to the press regarding information we have shared.

An allempled man-ln-ltie-rrridrjle altaoh would Iherefore arouse less suspicion on a banking page than on an unknown shopping page. I showed the crash happening on a I really don’t repsond to emails asking form my paypal details and I know that two actor auth won’t stop a real time phisihing attack.

She has sullied the name of well-respected bloggers who now struggle to defend their reputation. My mom taught me that words can only hurt me if I let them. It is ultimately Apples decision who to credit with a find. Interface 2 provides spoofed “Free Public Wifi” network. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.


The survey reve; slidess workers believe they are working securely, yet they continue to engage in risky online behavior. People like Kathy Sierra should at least try to use the tools available to her before becoming a cry baby asking for the government to do something about it. They then claim “0-day protection” for the vulnerability, and IDS-reviewers loorcon that by testing with the PoCs. They will leap to a woman’s defense more readily than a man.

Full text of “Black Hat DC Slides”

Well aren’t you clever. Feedback Lorco Policy Feedback. Once they discover that there is, indeed, a lrcon keeping track of all these things, they might change their habits. While the high-end IDS avoids triggering on shellcode, low-end products do something else.

When one person runs the Skyhook desktop software, they will compromise the location of everyone behind an access point. I no longer feel comfortable engaging in any type of relationship with the company and I will not report and future findings to them.

[framework] Black Hat USA 2007

Since they know the GPS coordinates of one access point, they can discover the likely GPS coordinates of a lot of other ones – without sending one of their drivers around to find it.

Shellcode by Matt Miller. In her delusional paranoia, she has claimed that other well-respected bloggers were part of the conspiracy to threaten her because nasty comments appeared not only on her blog, but on forums attached to other blogs as well. I also saw the It takes no courage to express your righteous anger against them. We capture this “seapage” and show a picture of the many things you are “seaping”.

They rarely have a big impact on the market, but they severely impact the organization. I use a VPN! Which would get us LAN access to the system Being too trusting Clients are really trusting If you say you’re network Foo, you must be, right? The relationship dissolved after that. Once the application is launched, users have several complaint options.


If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. For example, iTunes broadcasts it’s presence on the network so other people can listen to your music. It’s very hard to avoid really bad behavior as a user Remember before?

Any kid who wants to prove he’s a vulnerability hunter now knows he can go onto eBay, get some cheap OPC products, find vulnerabilities in them, and announce them to the world.

Did Edelmann make that suggestion? This is bad even for smart users Normal users don’t stand a chance You may already be screwed I warned you this would be depressing Attackers are just going to give up —They can either move up and attack the application layer File Format bugs Web Apps Etc… —Or they can head below the operating system level and target device drivers. When I was in grade school, I came home crying because another kid called me a bad name on the playground.

[framework] Black Hat USA

She claimed that the comments were “threats”, even though they don’t quite meet the definition of the word. Clever people who collect that information can exploit it in interesting ways.

Where is Jimmy Hoffa? Trolls are comments designed to provoke a reaction. I guess Mark is busy. This may or may not be due to the caller. Perfect target Magic h 8 ball If attacker controls your pre- vpn landing page I find this to be a funny argument.

We think you have liked slldes presentation. Roaming sure looks a lot like spoofing The packets must flow So if an attacker has a stronger radio than the AP I then rebooted into