Crane chart and more information about the Manitowoc Bigge may have Manitowoc in its fleet for sale or rent. Contact us by phone, email or chat. Learn what makes Maxim Crane’s Manitowoc rental and crane services the most comprehensive. The Manitowoc has a lifting. Manitowoc Cranes has completed the required overload test of its Manitowoc The , which has a 2, USt ( t) rated capacity, lifted million.

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The entire operation took less than two hours. Download Image Hi-res Low-res. Brandon Storie posted Old news now but this photo of Chunjos and was in Cranes today mag. On that job ‘ of main ‘ of luff. Then they told me what it was, I’d show you a pic on my trl but lost 40 pics in a old phone. Comment on above posting. The will remain at the Gwangyang plant for the coming weeks but Chunjo is likely to supply the crane to another major project soon. Iron Jim posted It’s been an awesome experience to work with and next to this beautiful crane.


It owns more Manitowoc s than any other company in the world. Brandon Storie posted A year ago today, the stood tall for the first time outside of Manitowoc.

Note that in the distance a yellow crane is holding a detached piece of the boom. The largest crane ever built by Manitowoc has completed its largest lift yet.

Brandon Storie commented on Brandy’s posting. Founded in maniitowoc, The Manitowoc Company, Inc. We are delighted with how well the crane is performing and look forward to seeing the next challenging lift it tackles. The Manitowoc lifted the 55 m tall cold box, which measures 9 m by 9 m, off a flat-bed trailer in tandem with a t capacity Manitowocalso owned by Chunjo.

Manitowoc 31000 completes biggest lift to date

Posted by Dennis DeBruler at 3: JJ Novak posted Holy moly. Steve Robinson posted Found this one tonight on the web Manitowoc boom up undergoing testing. This was Manitowoc ‘s largest crane. Brandon Storie commented on a posting Beside a [He also added Roger’s photo above as a comment.

Mike Cline posted Me in front of the Ray Little commented on a posting. Brandon added other comments showing how other components fit on the truckloads.

The cold box is a self-contained maintowoc unit that liquefies and purifies natural gas, and is one of the largest single components at the plant. Once airborne and upright, the took over and carried the load to its final location. The triangles at the top of the falsework are jacks that will be lowered after the truss is built so that the falework can then be lowered. I wonder how many truck loads of parts are needed to assemble a module. Another comment indicated tons of counterweight has been installed.


Manitowoc Lattice Boom Crawler Crane | Western Pacific Crane & Equipment

The crane is also fitted with a 36 m luffing jib. Now they are down to disassembling the “guts. As a result, it has a busy schedule of upcoming and ever-increasing lifts at the site, with a t pick scheduled for November and two 1, t lifts due to take place in December and February. Sunday, January 1, Manitowoc’s They did not move the capability to make any more s.

Bill Strealy commented on Henry’s posting.